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Shipping movements

by January 15, 2018 General

The following ships are expected in Malta:

The Fiona from Algiers to Bejaia, the CMA CGM Rabelais from Aliaga to Valencia, the Oued Ziz from Sfax, the Okee August from Gemlik to Misurata (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the MSC Melatilde from Barcelona to Salalah (John Ripard & Son Ltd), the Maersk Arun from Bejaia to Algiers (Thomas Smith & Co. Ltd) and the Bore Bay from Genoa to Genoa (Gollcher Company Ltd) today.

The Jaguar from Sousse, the CMA CGM Alaska from Le Havre to Jeddah, the St John Ark from Tunis to Sfax, the CMA CGM Coral from Algeciras to Salerno, the CMA CGM Racine from Antwerp to Piraeus (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd) tomorrow.

The CS Tina from Misurata, the Cielo di Agadir from Algiers to Skikda (both CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the Maersk Arun from Naples to Algiers (Thomas Smith & Co. Ltd), the MSC Daniela from Singapore to Barcelona (John Ripard & Son Ltd) and the Al Hilal from Algasiras to London Gate Port (Bianchi Group) on Wednesday.

The Adilia 1 from Sfax to Naples (Thomas Smith & Co. Ltd) on Thursday.