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Shipping movements

by November 24, 2016 General

These ships are expected in Malta:

The Seago Antwerp from Antwerp to Piraeus, the Maersk Regensburg from Annaba to Algiers (both Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd), the MV Eurocargo Venezia from Genoa to Livorno (Sullivan Maritime), the Nicolas Delmas from Izmir to Thessaloniki (CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd) and the MSC Alexandra from Singapore to Barcelona (John Ripard & Son Ltd) today.

The CMA CGM Manet from Algeciras to Malta, the CMA CGM Agadir from Iskenderun to Skikda, the Nicola from Tobruk to Annaba, the CMA CGM Musca from Beirut to Barcelona, the CMA CGM Aristotle from Antwerp to Alexandria (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the Alexander Maersk from Sfax to Misurata and the Helmut from Skikda to Skikda (both Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) tomorrow.

The Repulse Bay from Alexandria to Algiers, the CMA CGM Cassiopea from Valencia to Beirut, the Gerrit Braren from Algiers to Antalya (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the Maersk Shivling from Port Said to Port Tangier (Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) and the MV Eurocargo Malta from Genoa to Genoa (Sullivan Maritime) on Saturday.

The Safmarine Bayete from Algeciras to Izmit Korfezi, the JSP Slidur from Tunis to Tunis, the Maersk Arizona from Sfax to Misurata (all Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) and the MSC Savona from Gioia Tauro to Port Said (John Ripard & Son Ltd) on Sunday.

The CMA CGM Platon from Mersin to Valencia, the AS Cypria from Tanger Med to Rijeka, the EM Corfu from Aliaga (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the MV Euroferry Malta from Salerno to Salerno, the MV Eurocargo Venezia from Genoa to Genoa (both Sullivan Maritime), the Merito from Algiers to Algiers (Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) and the La Suprema from Genoa to Genoa (Gollcher Co. Ltd) on Monday.