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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Show by Star Media Group-owned Cityneon Holdings draws big crowd

by October 30, 2016 General
Hulk beater: Avengers fans taking pictures of an Iron Man replica during the exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre.

Hulk beater: Avengers fans taking pictures of an Iron Man replica during the exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre.

SINGAPORE: Ten-year-old Jayden Chua has always wanted to be a member of the famous Avengers team and help save the world.

With the launch of the Star Media Group’s Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. (Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network) exhibition here, Jayden could now do exactly that – putting on the Iron Man suit and shooting down villains with laser blasts.

While his favourite Avenger may be Captain America, Jayden felt impressed at the sight of Iron Man in the famous red and gold armour via the exhibition’s augmented reality programme.

“Shooting down the bad guys with my palms was thrilling. The whole exhibition was an awesome experience as I got to learn more about the other comic characters like The Hulk and Hawkeye.

“I have been a Captain America fan since the first Avengers movie came out. So, this is a cool way to learn more about him and the rest of the team,” said Jayden during the exhibition’s opening party at the Singapore Science Centre (SCS) here on Friday.

The Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is run by Victory Hill Exhibitions Pte Ltd (VHE), a subsidiary company of Cityneon Holdings Ltd and 53% owned by the Star Media Group.

VHE holds the rights to produce, market and promote the Marvel exhibits for display in museums and science centres or other similar venues.

The interactive showcase, which will run until March 5 at the SCS Annex Hall, also features real props used in the Avengers movies such as the Black Widow’s signature black leather suit, test tubes from Bruce “The Hulk” Banner’s laboratory and Captain America’s famous stars and stripes suit and shield.

Manager Wendy Lee, 40, who brought along her nine-year-old son, said the exhibition was a great way for visitors to understand the science behind their favourite superheroes.

Answering questions via a mobile app, which had to be downloaded before entering the exhibition and being recruited as an “Avengers Agent”, also encouraged children to read up on their favourite characters, said Lee.

“I think everyone should take the opportunity to visit the exhibition with their family and friends, especially during the coming year end school holidays,” she said.

Star Media Group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai said the exhibition received tremendous support even before it opened on Saturday with a record-setting number of over 8,000 pre-launch tickets snapped up.

“I think there is a little boy or girl in all of us who would love seeing our favourite characters alive.

“This exhibition also helps fulfil our childhood fantasy of being a superhero.

“I hope not only Malaysians but fans from all over Asean will come and take part in the virtual experience, which is like no other,” he said.

VHE chief executive officer and president Ron Tan said following successful runs in New York, Paris, Seoul and Las Vegas, the Singapore exhibition was the biggest one yet, spanning across 20,000 sq ft.

“The Singapore exhibition was two years in the making as talks with SCS started back in 2014. We are glad that it is now a reality,” he said, adding that the exhibition would be extended to Taipei, followed by Australia next year.

Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. chief creative officer Nicholas Cooper said the exhibition let visitors experience the science and technology behind some of their favourite Marvel characters such as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ant Man, Vision and Falcon.

“Who knows? The interactive showcase may even inspire young visitors into becoming a scientist, engineer or mathematician later,” he added.

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