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Saturday, December 14th, 2019

Singapore: A teen magazine sparks anger over ‘victim-blaming’ rape advice

by November 14, 2016 General

source: skeptic

source: skeptic

An advice columnist’s response to a letter about rape has sparked an angry backlash in Singapore and accusations of victim-blaming.

In the letter to Teenage magazine’s agony aunt, the writer, apparently, a teenage girl, said she was raped by a friend and had “no-one to turn to”.

The Dear Kelly columnist said in reply that she had “acted like a girl who had been around” and should be “grateful her rapist wore a condom”.

It also added that she was too “naive”.

The teenage girl recounted a series of events in which she had lied to her parents to stay over at a boy’s place unsupervised.

She drank wine for the first time and had kissed and cuddled the boy before he started to undress her. She said she had had too much to drink and did not protest.

She adds that she was unable to remember anything after, but found herself naked in bed the next morning beside him when he told her that he “didn’t know” she was a virgin.

Kelly Chopard, the writer behind the column, wrote that the girl was “naive and inexperienced”, adding that she could “be grateful that he wore a condom so there is little fear of an unplanned pregnancy or STD”.