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Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Singapore Airlines sued over claim drinks spill caused man to injure wife

by August 10, 2016 General
The Greens were on Singapore Airlines flight 228, from Melbourne to Singapore.

The Greens were on Singapore Airlines flight 228, from Melbourne to Singapore.

A flight attendant who spilt a tray of drinks on a passenger has sparked a chain reaction that has ended up with a personal injury suit being lodged in an Australian Supreme Court.

Jennifer Green, 71, is suing Singapore Airlines after a flight attendant allegedly spilt a tray of drinks into her husband’s lap – causing him to “jerk” into her, injuring her leg.

She claims the injury aggravated her diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

In a writ filed to the Victorian Supreme Court on July 20  her lawyer called for unspecified damages from the airline.

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On Thursday July 31, 2014, Jennifer Green and her husband Colin had boarded Singapore Airlines flight 228, flying from Melbourne to Singapore.

He had an aisle seat, and his wife was sitting next to him on his right.

Both had settled in for the eight-hour flight. 

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Little did they know that the domino effect could set in chain a devastating  series of actions.

A Singapore Airlines flight attendant was busy loading drinks onto a tray as they served passengers.

At the same time Jennifer Green was levering herself out of her seat.

Somehow – her writ does not specify – the flight attendant spilt the tray of drinks onto her unsuspecting husband’s lap.

When the drinks hit him, her writ alleges, Colin Green “jerked” directly into his wife.

Her right leg was in turn jerked into the metal footrest in her seat.

In the writ, she says that that caused her: “soft tissue injury caused by a blow to the right lower leg; development of right leg cellulitis caused by the said blow to the right lower leg; aggravation of rheumatoid arthritis; aggravation of type-one diabetes”.

The writ says her prognosis is “uncertain”.

In the writ Jennifer Green is also asking the Supreme Court of Victoria to order Singapore Airlines to compensate her for hospital and medical expenses.

Neither Singapore Airlines nor her lawyers responded to requests for comment.

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