Singapore and Brunei Navies Conclude Bilateral Exercise


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Posted: 11 Jun 2014, 1345 hours (GMT +8)

Singapore and Brunei Navies Conclude Bilateral Exercise

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and the Royal Brunei Navy (RBN) conducted their bilateral flagship naval exercise, codenamed Exercise Pelican, from 4 to 10 June 2014. The RSN deployed a Formidable-class stealth frigate (RSS Intrepid) with an embarked naval helicopter for the exercise, while the RBN participated with two Darussalam-class patrol vessels (KDB Darussalam and KDB Darulaman). Commencing off the waters of Brunei, the two navies conducted various naval warfare serials such as manoeuvring exercises, gunnery firings and helicopter operations.

During the closing ceremony, Commanding Officer of RSS Intrepid, Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Beng said that Exercise Pelican had strengthened the overall defence relationship between the RSN and RBN. “The complexity of Exercise Pelican has grown over the years. This has continued in this year’s exercise as our navies work towards deepening interoperability with each other.” he said.

Established in 1979, Exercise Pelican enhances the professionalism and interoperability between the RSN and RBN, and underscores the strong and longstanding defence ties between Singapore and Brunei. Besides Exercise Pelican, the RSN and RBN also interact regularly through a range of activities, including professional exchange programmes. These interactions have reinforced the strong bonds between the personnel of the two navies.

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