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Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Singapore Armenians hope to preserve country's cultural heritage

by December 26, 2017 General

Channel News Asia has published an article dedicated to safeguarding the country’s intangible heritage, including the culture and customs of the small local Armenian community.

According to the article, the community now has only 60 people who gather for holidays in the local Armenian Church.

The Armenian community is the example of the intangible cultural heritage of Singapore. In April 2018, the country plans to launch a plan to preserve the country’s cultural heritage. The plan is expected to be submitted to UNESCO.

The Armenian community expects that its voice will also be heard. The Armenian ensemble, led by Gevorg Sargsyan and his wife, continues to perform several concerts in the year.  Sargsyan also hopes for the opening of the Armenian museum and gallery. “We are few, but we make contribution to the history. It is not visible or recognized, but it is happening,” Sargsyan said.