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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Singapore confirms first case of pregnant woman with Zika

by September 1, 2016 General

Singapore reported the first case of pregnant woman with Zika virus infection, among 24 newly reported cases of locally transmitted Zika virus, the country’s health ministry said on Wednesday.

In total, 115 cases have been reported in the country over the past few days, according to a joint briefing of the Ministry of Health and National Environment Agency.

The first pregnant woman with Zika lives in Aljunied Crescent/Sims Drive area. A member of her household had tested positive for Zika infection, said the health agencies.

It is unlikely that the pregnant woman’s household member infected her or vice versa, as the symptoms emerged around the same time, according to health experts at the briefing.

Of the 24 newly reported cases, 22 were from the Aljunied Crescent/Sims Drive/Kallang Way/Paya Lebar cluster.

Most of the infected patients have been discharged from hospital. Those remain are in stable condition.

The first case of locally transmitted Zika infection in Singapore was reported on Aug. 27.

Singapore’s Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong said the ministry expects Zika cases to emerge from more areas, and urged all Singaporeans to play their part to prevent mosquito breeding.

Meanwhile, the National Environment Agency is continuing with vector control operations to control Aedes mosquito population in the existing infected cluster, which now covers about 7,000 premises.

The agency has also stepped up localized search and destroy efforts to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading further.

Singapore’s Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli said that vector control remains the primary way to tackle the transmission of Zika.

He urged all residents in affected areas to cooperate fully with health officers and allow them to inspect homes to spot and destroy mosquito breeding as soon as possible, and to spray insecticide to kill any mosquitoes.