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by January 30, 2018 Technology

SINGAPORE– Over a million licensed plush toys from Marvel, Pixar, and Dreamworks to be won at the on-going Singapores biggest carnival, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival.

The Carnival seated on a total area of 25,000 square metres or equivalent to 3.5 football fields, is currently being held until April 1, 2018.

“I’m always waiting for the right time to be at this kind of carnival. Now, the Ringgit is strengthening.. it helps stretch my spending here,” said a Malaysian, Siti Radziah Hamzah who was here with her sisters for the Carnival.

A fun-seeker, Siti Radziah said the Carnival was reminiscent of her childhood where she would go to such events with her family.

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, has officially opened its fairground to the public on Dec 15, 2017, providing accessible, affordable and quality entertainment for everyones enjoyment.

Taking up Marina Bay’s The Promontory and Bayfront Event Space, the Carnival welcome its visitors with more than 40 rides and games from countries around the world such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany.

Thrill rides would give the brave-hearted carnival-goers racing pulses and pumping adrenaline, while children would also have a rousing good time with various attractions – from having a birds eye view of the Marina Bay, to pitting their skills at the game stalls to win some of their favourite plush toys.

“It is amazing to have a view of Marina Bay from the Star Flyer,” said another Malaysian, Syasya Zul who was on her second visit to the Carnival.

A mother of three, Syasya said her children had so much fun at the Carnival and requested to visit the Carnival at least one more time before the Carnival ends.

Visitors will also be treated to entertaining music performances and a selection of more than 20 curated food vendors offering everything from fairground favourites and local delights to gourmet options, at affordable prices starting from S$4 (S$1=RM2.9).

“We have always intended it to be something that the community can enjoy in the heart of Singapores city centre,” Barnabas Chia, Lead of the Organising Team behind the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival shared about the opening.

“We hope everyone can bring more of their loved ones in the coming weeks and months to come create fun and memorable moments together.”

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival opens daily from 4pm to 11pm.

Admission is free for all, and credits for rides and games can be purchased on-site and online via