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Saturday, December 14th, 2019

Singapore ship seized in Cameroon released with all crew members

by February 8, 2019 Industrialism

YAOUNDE, The Chinese embassy to Cameroon confirmed that the Singapore-flagged oil tanker, seized by Cameroon military over commercial dispute since Feb 1, has been released with all its 26 crew members on board, including two Chinese nationals.

The ship is managed by Singapore-based Eastern Pacific Shipping. In a statement published Wednesday, the company said the vessel departed Cameroon’s western port of Limbe on Tuesday with all 26 crew members safe and unharmed.

A Cameroon navy official who preferred not to be named confirmed this information to Xinhua on Thursday.

According to the Chinese embassy, Cameroon military took control of the Singaporean vessel on the evening of Feb. 1 when it was about to leave the Limbe port after discharge operations. The ship was forbidden to leave the port and the crew members were forbidden to leave the ship.

The ship was seized over a commercial disagreement between the Eastern Pacific Shipping and the Cameroon charterer DSC Marine.

Source: NAM News Network