Singapore top FDI destination due to cleanliness:MSME minister


today credited Singapore’s attractiveness for foreign investment to their focus on cleanliness and called for similar efforts in to earn the world’s respect.

The MSME also said that when Prime Modi </a>gave a call for Swachh mission in 2014, “people made fun”.

The prime emphasised on cleanliness and had said “‘pehle shauchalaya, phir devalaya’ (toilet first, temple later)”, the said at the 1st edition of Swachhata Awards 2017 held here.

The prime started it alone and later the whole country joined him, making the mission a nation-wide movement and helping many villages becoming free of open defecation, Singh said.

The said there is figure which says that between 1977-87, saw rise in foreign direct investment and it was due to the steps the country was taking towards cleanliness.

The should also praise for cleanliness, he said.

The swachhata award ceremony was organised to honour employees of the ministry, its PSUs, and autonomous bodies under it for making efforts to fulfil the prime minister’s mission of Swachh Bharat, said.

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