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Singapore unveils plan to transform aviation sector

by April 20, 2017 General

SINGAPORE, April 20 (Xinhua) — Singapore on Thursday unveiled a master plan to transform and boost competitiveness of its aviation industry.

The master project, Air Industry Transformation Map (ITM), aims to secure Singapore’s aviation industry is spearheaded by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) with the support from Changi Airport Group (CAG).

The plan includes the introductions of a new air transport undergraduate degree program, a “Smart Tower” for air traffic controllers to manage live air traffic, autonomous systems to move passengers, mobile devices or wearable technology to track ground staffs, and a new system that uses precision lasers to help in docking process, among others.

With that, more jobs for professionals, technicians and cabin crew will be created and productivity is expected to increase by 40 percent by 2025.

Speaking at the Aviation Community Reception on Thursday, Second Minister for Transport Ng Chee Meng said given the inherent constraints of land and manpower as well as increasing competition, Singapore needs to “constantly reinvigorate and rejuvenate” to improve aviation sector’s competitiveness.

Meanwhile, the government is already investing about 500 million Singapore dollars to support the ITM through channels such as the Aviation Development Fund.

There will also be more opportunities for Singaporean companies as CAAS launches more Aviation Challenges over the next few years.