SINGAPORE, Singapore has warned foreigners against using the republic as a platform to promote their political movements and activities.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF), in its latest post on Facebook, said it is aware of calls encouraging overseas Malaysians to support political activities, including by Global Bersih, in relation to the upcoming general election in Malaysia.

Foreigners visiting, working or living in Singapore should not use Singapore as a platform to further their political causes. Foreigners must abide by our laws. Public assemblies in Singapore are regulated under the Public Order Act, and organising or participating in a public assembly without a police permit is illegal, it said.

SPF said it will not grant any permit for assemblies organised by or involving non-Singaporeans for the purpose of political or election campaigning.

The police will take action against any person who organises or participates in an unlawful public assembly. Those who break the law will be dealt with firmly, and this may include termination of visas or work passes, where applicable, it said.

Source: NAM News Network