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Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Singapore's armored vehicles seized by Hong Kong customs

by November 25, 2016 General

Singapore’s defense ministry has confirmed that the armored vehicles and military equipment currently being held by Hong Kong customs belong to Singapore’s armed forces, according to a report on the website Lianhe Zaobao.

Media reports in Hong Kong stated that the armored vehicles were seized by Hong Kong customs at a major port on Nov. 23. Meanwhile, Singapore’s defense ministry said in a statement that a shipment of Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles (ICVs) and other military equipment had been held in Hong Kong since Nov. 23 due to a “request for routine inspections by the Hong Kong customs authorities.”

“Singapore authorities are providing relevant assistance to Hong Kong customs, and expect the shipment to be returned to Singapore expeditiously,” the statement read.

The vehicles were used by the Singapore armed forces in routine overseas training, and later shipped back commercially. The same process has been utilized for previous exercises, the statement explained.

Previous media reports in Hong Kong said customs officials discovered nine armored vehicles on a ship bound for Singapore from Taiwan on the afternoon of Nov. 23. The officials held the vehicles on suspicion of arms smuggling, with plans to find the identity of the owner as well as the vehicles’ final destination.