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Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Sri Lankan arrested with nearly 1kg of gold in his rectum

by September 25, 2017 General

Smuggl­ers buy gold in places where it is relati­vely cheape­r and then bring it back to India to sell for profit­



Sri Lankan authorities have arrested a man for allegedly trying to smuggle jewelry and gold weighing up to 1 kg hidden in his rectum, BBC reported.

Indian man held for carrying 407 grams of gold in rectum

Officials from customs found 904 grams of gold with an estimated worth of about 4.5 million Sri Lankan rupees inside the suspect’s rectal cavity. The 45-year-old man was bound for India but was stopped at Colombo’s international airport.

Multiple cases have sprung up in the past as well. The smugglers buy gold in places like Dubai and Singapore where it is relatively cheaper and then bring it back to India to sell for profit. A customs officer told BBC Sinhala they spotted the man because “he was walking suspiciously”.

Metal detectors identified the hidden luggage “carefully packed in the polythene bags and neatly inserted”, a customs officer said.  “Among that there were four yellow gold biscuits, three pieces of yellow gold, six yellow gold jewellery articles and two silver plated yellow gold jewellery articles,” a customs spokesperson said.

Bangladesh customs hit gold bonanza in unlikely places

Last week a Sri Lankan female also travelling to India was caught by customs while trying to smuggle 314.5 grams of gold pieces concealed in her rectum.