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Subaru’s Eyesight Driver Assist launched with new Outback

by January 11, 2018 General

The Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist Technology was unveiled together with the launch of the new Subaru Outback. — Picture by YS KhongThe Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist Technology was unveiled together with the launch of the new Subaru Outback. — Picture by YS KhongSINGAPORE, Jan 11 — Motor Image, exclusive distributor for Subaru vehicles across nine countries in Asia launched the new Subaru Outback and XV at the Singapore Motor show today, but what is perhaps more important is the introduction of the fourth and final part of its core technology pillars, the Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist technology. The other three ‘pillars’ are the Boxer Engine technology that is renowned for lowering the centre of gravity of the vehicle, symmetrical all-wheel Drive which promotes stability and handling dynamics, and the Subaru global platform which offers greater rigidity throughout the body an chassis.

The Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist Technology was unveiled together with the launch of the new Subaru Outback and it is also available in the Singapore version of the new XV. Malaysian drivers may have to wait a while longer, and we understand that the Eyesight Driver Assist technology will be introduced into the Malaysian market first with the Subaru Outback due to be launched just before the middle of 2018.

The Eyesight Driver Assist technology has five elements, all of which promote driver and passenger safety. The main sensory elements are two stereo cameras mounted inside the vehicle at the top of the front windscreen. These cameras capture three-dimensional colour images with excellent image recognition. In dangerous situations or potentially dangerous situations the system issues audible warnings and even applies the brakes if necessary to help avoid accidents or mitigate the collision damage.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Aside from maintaining a pre-set speed as in a conventional cruise control system, Subaru’s Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Using the cameras to monitor the distance and difference in speeds and adjusts the engine, transmission and brakes to keep your speed in line with the lead vehicle.

  1. Lane Sway And Departure Warning

Lane Sway Warning helps you stay alert by sounding a warning buzzer and a flashing indicator should you ‘wander out of your lane. This system works only at speeds of 60 km/hr or more.

Lane Departure Warning warns you with a buzzer and a flashing indicator when travelling at speeds of 50 km/hr or more should you accidentally drift to the edge of your lane without signalling.

  1. Lead Vehicle Start Alert

When you are at a stop and Eyesight senses that the traffic has started moving again, Lead Vehicle Start Alert prompts the driver to take action with s buzzer and a flashing indicator.

  1. Pre-Collision Braking System

Upon sensing an impending collision in front, the Pre-Collision Braking System warns the driver with a buzzer and a light on your dash. If the driver does not take evasive action, the system automatically applies the brakes to reduce the impact or, if possible, prevent s collision.

If the driver takes evasive action, the Pre-Collision Brake Assist can he the driver in preventing the collision by applying more brake force.

  1. Pre-Collision Throttle Management

When Eyesight sees an obstacle in front of you and you put the vehicle into Drive instead of Reverse, Pre-Collision Throttle Management sounds several short beeps, turns on a flashing indicator and cuts the engine output to help you avoid a frontal collision.

The Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist will certainly be a welcome addition as it gets included into the specifications of all the Subaru models, as it really helps to up the safety levels – in today’s busy environment, with ever increasing numbers of vehicles on the roads, safety technologies like EyeSight really help.