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Sukoharjo rain festival features art performances, fashion show

by January 17, 2018 General

Hundreds of people flocked Sunday to the 2,800 square meter Mugi Dance studio in Pucangan village, Kartasura district, Sukoharjo regency, Central Java, which hosted the annual International Rain Festival.

“The festival is our way to celebrate the rain, a gift from the sky. Rain is a blessing that we must cherish, not avoid,” said Mugi Dance manager Nuri Aryati.

For the entire day, dozens of art performances were showcased at the festival. In addition to Indonesian artists, artists from Mexico participated in the event. Last year, it was joined by delegations from the Philippines and Singapore. Participants from Bali, East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, Palu, Padang, Lampung and Papua put on a show as part of a collaborative effort.

The event opened with traditional art performances by SD Widya Wacana elementary school, SMA Penerbangan Yogyakarta high school and the Mugi Dance Junior music group. The performances took place in several areas outdoors in close proximity to bamboo trees, a cow shed and the studio’s pendapa (hall).

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Marvel Gracia, the son of choreographer Mugiyono Kasido, showcased his own work, the Sepeda Santai (Fun Bike) dance, in a group performance.

After Marvel, the Pasah Pambelom dance from East Kalimantan, which depicts farmers harvesting their paddies, was performed by five female dancers. 

Meanwhile, a group from Surakarta performed the story of Kentrung Rock N Roll, a historical fable of Nyi Ageng Serang, accompanied with kentrung music. 

A fashion show featuring recycled attire by the Gropesh Surakarta Community was also held. Involving local children, the creative outfits were made from plastic and cardboard.

In addition to art performances, the festival also featured a workshop on utilizing rainwater and biopore. Led by Sedulur Banyu Udan and Sibat communities, dozens of children learned how to convert rainwater into healthy drinking water. (kes)