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Taiwan's water polo team ready for Universiade

by April 30, 2017 General

Nevertheless, the nation has implemented various measures to improve the pool facilities at the designated venues for the Universiade Water Polo events. Come August, the pool of the Taipei Song Shan Sports Center, the Hsinchu County Swimming Center and the newly established event pool at the National Taiwan Sport University will have all been upgraded and tailored to an international sporting event.

As most people in local audiences will have never experienced water polo competitions, the hardware upgrades and the sport itself promise to be an interesting experience for all local attendees.

As a precursor to the upcoming Universiade Water Polo Event, Taiwan held the “2017 Summer Universiade Water Polo Test Event.”

The event was organized by the Asia Swimming Federation (亞洲游泳總會) and was held for four days at the Taipei Song Shan Sports Center from Thursday to Sunday, featuring five teams from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Indonesia.

On the first day of the test event, Taiwan — competing under the name Chinese Taipei — faced teams from Malaysia and South Korea. Unfortunately, Chinese Taipei took two consecutive losses, first losing 8-9 to Malaysia and then to South Korea 14-18. However, the team said that they were able to gain a lot of experience from those matches.

Aside from attending the Taiwan test event, some members of the Chinese Taipei team also left for Malaysia on Thursday to attend another competition there.

For the Love of the Sport

According to the head coach of the Chinese Taipei Universiade Water Polo team, Kuo wei-sheng (郭威聖), the Universiade team is made up of swimming students mainly from the University of Taipei and the National Taiwan University of Sport, who joined the national water polo team out of love for the sport.

Following the losses to South Korea and Malaysia, Taiwan took an even heavier loss to Indonesia, the strongest team in the competition. The final score was 1-27. The only point scored by Chinese Taipei was by 28-year-old Yang Jhu-ci (楊筑棨), who said his younger teammates focused too much on defense.

“I tried to shift the tone of our team in the second half of the game. But I eventually fouled out after three strikes. I believe we could have gotten more points if that did not happen.”

Fortunately, Chinese Taipei was able to secure the team’s first win in the Top 4 finals match against Singapore.

During the match, even though Chinese Taipei scored the first point of the game, the

national team trailed 6-8.

However, the team was able to tie the game in the third quarter and secure a 18-14 win, marking Chinese Taipei’s first and most crucial win.</span>