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The aviation blues

by August 17, 2016 Technology

The time has come to give serious-thought to the aviation industry. Right now, the industry is in the grip of many big challenges that must be handled carefully. To start with, the performance of Air Traffic Control [ATC] in airports is not up to the mark. Countries should learn techniques from Dubai and Singapore whose ATC performance levels are over 55 flights per hour. Second, ever-increasing costs of airport infrastructure have led to increased cost of air travel. The airports and air travel should be cost-effective and passenger-friendly.

Many airports in the world are crying for attention. In the background of dismal state of airports, airlines will really find it difficult to attract passengers. So, the bail-out measures for aviation sector should start from the aspect of renovating and remodelling the airports. On the whole, new business models are the need of the hour in the aviation industry.

Source: Pakistan Observer