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The looting continues!

by July 29, 2017 General

It seems that our old fogies still do not want to provide opportunities to women and minorities. We now have only three women ministers. I think all Nepali women should unite and open their own political party

Jul 29, 2017-

King Deuba has finally managed to expand his cabinet after months of consultation with his astrologers. Maybe his gurus finally approved his cabinet-expansion plans. I think our government should form a new ministry. Let’s have an astrologer head a “Ministry of Astrology” and all government decisions should be approved only after calculating all the charts there. Maybe it’s better to look towards the moon and the sun to decide our future instead of expecting our good for nothing buffoons to bring us peace and prosperity!

It seems that our politicians know only how to share power and care for each other while leaving nothing for the common folks. When it comes to power-sharing, our netas fight with each other even if they belong to same political party. There is a quota system for everything.  Even King Deuba is having a tough time trying to make other factions from his own party happy. No wonder, our politician don’t have the time to tend to problems faced by common folks when they are too busy trying to figure out who gets a piece of the loot!

Why do our netas want their near and dear ones as mantris? Well, they are not happy with their salaries and perks. They need Karods not thousands to maintain their lifestyle. These are the same clowns who were happy when they were starving but fighting against the system. They were not scared to die or spend years in prison. They were the lucky ones because they survived and managed to become the top chors in the country. But how can they forget their own sacrifices to change our society, to change our system and their dream to build a prosperous Nepal?

But now, when they have become a part of the system, they want it all and only care about how to loot the state treasury and pocket commissions from contractors and boras of cash from civil servants and other con artists. Our netas have no shame and their near and dear ones even boast and feel proud of the ill-gotten wealth amassed from sucking the blood, sweat and tears of common Nepalis.

Our Emperor was happy hiding in India during the so-called civil war. His son was happy driving a tempo! But now he lives in a mansion and drives around in luxury vehicles. He can marry a number of times and get away with it while he enjoys the life of luxury. Most of the sons of our so-called top leaders carry firearms with them while they hang out in bars in the Capital. It seems that our princelings are all contractors now and seem to be involved in most of the so-called ‘national pride’ projects in the country.

It seems that our lawmakers can break the law and still get security from the state while we, the common folks, have to pay more taxes every year just so that our civil servants and netas can get more perks and salaries from the State.

We now have 19 new mini-sinisters and the overall team strength is 29. Don’t be surprised if we have more than fifty mantris in Deuba’s cabinet in the coming months. After all, our man in Baluwatar is known for his big appetite!

It seems that our old fogies still do not want to provide opportunities to women and minorities. We now have only three women ministers. I think all Nepali women should unite and open their own political party. Our ‘Ama and Mahila Samuhas’ should unite and fight against the chors! Talking about unification, Bibeksheel and Sajha Party have decided to join hands and tell us that they will now become stronger. What the new Bibeksheel Sajha Party (BSP) can do is unite with other fringe parties as well and ask our mothers, wives, sisters and girlfriends to join them and make it an inclusive party. We can no longer allow the same bunch of thieves to steal us blind.

Why do we only blame the bidhesis for interfering in our land when we continue to exploit and discriminate against our own folks just because they belong to a different caste or believe in a different God or their preferences are different than the majority of the folks. Why can’t we rejoice in our diversity instead of fighting with each other while our netas enjoy their drinks behind closed doors and continue to loot us all?

 King Deuba is busy making sure that he makes a lot of moolah while in power.  It seems that our incompetent government is only interested to increase the perks of our President and Vice-President and provide luxury vehicles to sarkari hakims.  King Deuba recently transferred a Local Devleopment Officer (LDO) because he wanted to stop illegal excavations. Our politicians will stop at nothing and will continue to transfer honest civil servants while promote corrupt ones because they need the money.

How much is enough? Should we just go ahead and hike the salaries and perks of our civil servants and politicians like in Singapore? We may have failed to make our country like Singapore but at least we can pay our chors the same salary scale and hopefully we will finally have no corruption in this land. 

If we do the math, we might even save billions of dollars instead because our civil servants, contractors and our chor netas are looting us all by helping our fake-VAT bill byaparis evade taxes, destroying our environment by allowing contractors to destroy our rivers and hills for construction works while getting commissions for it and stealing billions by fudging the bills while allowing contractors to be paid for shoddy works!

It’s about time to end the looting spree and we need patriots like Dr KC not traitors like our civil servants, netas and those who forget that their deeds will one day lead us to lose our identity and even our land!

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Published: 29-07-2017 08:37