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The SeaBus is too darn hot, say sweaty commuters

by August 13, 2016 General

TransLink’s newest SeaBus is a hot ride – and that’s a problem.The temperature inside the passenger cabin of the Burrard Otter II can soar above 30 C, even though the $21-million boat was built with air conditioning. Trouble is, it doesn’t appear to be working.“On the hot days, during rush hour, there are almost 400 people on the SeaBus and the conditions are unbearable,” said North Vancouver commuter Angela Schreiner.And unlike a regular bus, the SeaBus windows can’t be opened for ventilation.Story continues belowGlobal News“You’re sealed in like a canned tuna,” said another commuter during a half-full sailing when Global News recorded the cabin temperature at 29 C.The uncomfortable ride is only a problem on the newest SeaBus, built two years ago at a cost of $21 million in Singapore. It’s cool sailing on its B.C.-built twin, the aptly named Burrard Pacific Breeze.TransLink hopes the faulty air conditioner will be replaced soon.“It’s a warranty issue, so we are working with the manufacturer and the HVAC personnel to get it fixed. We’re working diligently, we’re working everyday. We know it’s exasperated by the hot weather and it can get uncomfortable for our customers,” said TransLink spokesperson Jennifer Morland.And while the weather is seasonally warm, commuters have luckily missed out on any major heat waves. Temperatures in Vancouver have yet to peak 25 C this summer. June 5 was the last time it’s been that warm at Vancouver Airport.Everyone on the seabus smells and I just want to go home!!!!!!!!!— Swagfia (@sLoOfViEa) August 9, 2016@TransLink no A/C on the Seabus?— Farhan Mohamed (@farhanmohamed) July 31, 2016@TransLink it’s still sweat box in the seabus right now…any chance this expensive new seabus has acc???— Tessa (@powder_polish) July 19, 2016@TransLink, It’s summer. It gets extremely stuffy on the seabus if you don’t turn on the AC. Considering driving to work moving forward.— Arber Borici 陈阿宝 (@ArberBorici) July 12, 2016Hey @TransLink is the seabus supposed to double as a sauna? Why is the heat cranked in July?— Erin McGechaen (@nopantsisland) July 12, 2016Brand new seabusses no a/c? #translink #seabus— Marty the Mongoose (@M0ng00se77) July 12, 2016