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The world of digital printing in Cebu

by April 27, 2016 General

IN this age of high technological advancement, everything is becoming digital. Digital printing is one example. What was once mechanical has evolved to the extent that now, printing is not only limited to flat surfaces but may now also print and create 3-D images in just a few minutes.

With all this said, Norde International decided to branch out in Cebu. On April 6, its first branch outside Manila was launched and was made open to the public.

“We started 2005 in Quezon City and our company is primarily a distributor of graphic arts equipment. When we say graphic arts it’s not just printing equipment but these are anything related to visual communication products, so these would include printers,” shared Allan Hao Chin, president of Norde International.

As a retail company, Norde sells brands such as Hewlett Packard, Stratasys, Kornit, GMG and Esko. These international brands offer various products which include direct to garment printers, 3-D printing machines, finishing equipments which include laser etching machines, engraving machines and many more. Norde also offer softwares that are related to graphic arts. “We represent the major global brands from countries like the U.S., Israel, Singapore,” Allan said.

Having many customers in Cebu, the company decided to open a branch in the region to provide greater assistance to its customers and to further open minds regarding digital printing. With its branch in Cebu, Norde offers the services of its staff who are experts in different areas of digital print technology, digital finishing, 3-D printing, color management and workflows, providing more assistance to its clients during critical times.

“Our support team is composed of highly skilled professional engineers and application specialists who are kept-up-to-date through continuous trainings and workshops,” added Denis Ty, marketing manager of Norde International.