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There were demonic entities in that house, claims demonologist

by June 7, 2016 General

Lorraine Warren (left) and actress Vera Farmiga pose at the after party for Warner Bros 'The Conjuring' July 15, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. — AFP picLorraine Warren (left) and actress Vera Farmiga pose at the after party for Warner Bros ‘The Conjuring’ July 15, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. — AFP picSINGAPORE, June 7 — You’ve seen Vera Farmiga portray her in horror film The Conjuring

Now, the American paranormal investigator and demonologist Lorraine Warren is back in the spotlight with The Conjuring 2 highlighting another famous case — The Enfield Poltergeist. 

The haunting, which made the headlines in the United Kingdom, drew sceptics and investigators alike, and Warren, together with her late husband Ed (he died in 2006) were one of them.

Warren, now 89, said they headed to Enfield because her husband knew right away that they needed to help a beleaguered family. She too, was drawn to the case because there were children involved.

When she arrived, she could already sense something supernatural right off the bat, she said. 

“I was on the other side of the street, looking at the house. Then I got the courage to go up and knock on the door. I went in, but I had to bless myself first. The demonic (presence) was there. I could see them right away … I didn’t want to go in but I knew I had to — that was the only way I’d be able to get rid of it.”

What were your first thoughts when you met Peggy Hodgson and her children?

The children were very young, and the mother was a dear soul. You don’t know how terrible it was for that woman. There was a lot of damage. She looked like a woman who’d been through the mill 10 times over.

While you were there, did you see the girls levitate?

Oh, my God. The levitation of those girls was terrible. They were in their two beds, and I watched them levitate and criss-cross in the air… And they would scream. They weren’t bad girls; there were demonic entities in that house. One day I heard the voices, and I said: ‘Who was that?’. And the girls didn’t say one word. That’s when the ghosts talked to me… It was painful.

What did the voices sound like? Did Ed hear the voices?

There was an older man. I didn’t see him; I heard him in my head, and it wouldn’t go away. (Ed heard), but not in his head. He said it said it was a soldier, but we couldn’t trust anything they said.

The Enfield story caused a huge furor in the British press. Did you encounter any of that?

Oh my God, yes! I couldn’t even go shopping without people coming up to me and asking: ‘Oh, can I talk to you, please?’ It was awful.

Do you feel that you were able to help this family?

I tried so much to do that. I just knew I was not running away from them; I needed to help them. You have to help people and to have faith; I don’t want anything else for it except that. But to this day I don’t know if it worked.

The way you’re played in the film, there is a sense that you and Ed are very aligned, almost telepathic. Is that how it was?

Yes. Yes, it was (laughs). He was a good man.

It’s almost like fate brought you together.

It was fate. I never dated anybody else in my life. — TODAY

* Transcript courtesy of Warner Bros. Singapore