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Top iOS Apps: Sweatcoin, Balls Race, Knives Out

by January 14, 2018 General

Image: Sweatcoin via AFP Relaxnews

An app that rewards its users for walking, an obstacle course for spherical objects, and an unofficial mobile version of one of PC gaming’s biggest hits over the last 12 months; more on these top free iOS apps from around the world this week can be found below.

United States
Sweatcoin (Health and Fitness)
Based in London and co-founded by four Russians, Sweatcoin offers micropayment rewards for walking outside, using GPS, accelerometer data, and secret algorithms to determine eligible stepcounts. The company has said it seeks monetization through deals with insurance and healthcare agencies, and corporate employers.

United Kingdom
Balls Race (Games)
Ketchapp adds one more spherically-themed app to its stable and iterates on obstacle-avoiding challenge “Snake vs Block” from fellow French publisher Voodoo, going 3D and adding new elements such as boost strips, jumps, and other balls to overtake.


X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy (Productivity)
Routes your internet traffic through its own servers, therefore masking your location. Free version; the top in-app purchase is for a $7.99 (about P400) monthly plan. Not yet featured on existing reputable VPN round-ups such as or

百万英雄 [~en. Millionaire Hero]
Twice daily mass-participation multiple choice quiz in which any winners split a prize pot between themselves and similar to “HQ Trivia” in those respects.

WhatsApp Messenger (Social Networking)
Number one in Germany is Facebook-owned messaging suite WhatsApp, which offers integration with contacts lists as well as Facebook profiles. Germany’s number two paid app is privately-held, Swiss-based secure messaging service Threema.

Snapchat (Social Networking)
Self-erasing photo messaging, image effects, geo-tags, with increasing support for media publishers.

Balls Race (Games)

Messenger (Social Networking)
Facebook’s messaging app with group chats, photo and video creation and sharing, free calls over wifi and within carrier data bundles, expressive stickers, location tracking, and reports on Messenger contacts’ availability and Facebook activity.

South Korea
Royal Blood (Games)
Massively multiplayer action role-playing game with event-driven quests for players to overcome together. The top in-app purchase is $10.99 for a pack of virtual consumables.

Knives Out (Games)
One of a number of unofficial mobile spins on PC gaming craze “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”; publisher NetEase also distributes “Rules of Survival”. Most popular in-app purchase is for $0.99 (almost P50) of points tickets.


WhatsApp Messenger (Social Networking)

WhatsApp (Social Networking)

WhatsApp (Social Networking)

South Africa
WhatsApp (Social Networking)

The store rankings are courtesy of App Annie. JB