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US firms most active investors in Indian start-ups

by August 29, 2017 General

US-based have been the most active foreign participants in India’s start-up ecosystem over the past five years, racking up over 800 deals during the period.

This also made them the second most active grouping since 2012, after their counterparts based in India or Mauritius, according to a CB Insights report. 

Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and the occupied the other four spots in the list of top five foreign in India’s technology ecosystem, racking up five, three, two and one per cent of deals, respectively.

“Excluding India and Mauritius, deal participation is heavily tilted toward from the United States, which has seen 800 disclosed deals to since 2012 — more than four times the number of deals by from Singapore,” said the report.

Of the US-based investors, has been the most active, backing some of India’s largest start-ups, including Flipkart, Ola, and ShopClues, while also making numerous other in smaller The investor also featured in the list of top 10 start-up backers in the country.

Another foreign investor who closed a large number of deals in the past five years is Hong Kong-based Saif Partners, which has backed firms such as and Urban Ladder.

While India/Mauritius-based contributed to 61 per cent of the start-up deals in the country, foreign have pumped in far larger amounts of money. Even US-based Accel Partners, which has an India unit, made its largest investment in through the overseas unit rather than the local one.