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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

When They Go Bang!

by December 25, 2016 General

The only time I have ever broken a rod whilst fishing was when I lost my first marlin off New Plymouth. It was a fully rollered Silstar with a wooden butt section that I bought in Singapore and I guess coming home it got damaged in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Anyway trolling off NP on the Navy ship Tarapunga (’90) we were surveying the coast in out out about 10 miles doing big sounding runs. Out in about 90m we were doing 10 knots and we hooked a marlin. By the time I got to the rod I had barely touched it when it broke at the reel seat, the reel and top section flew out the stern, luckily I had a lanyard tied to it, I grabbed the thing, but alas all I could do is watch as the marlin did 50 knots backwards whilst we did 10 knots forward, I was screaming at the bridge crew to stop, but by the time they had realised and stopped the ship I was spooled!Ouch