Woman Presented With Public-Spiritedness Award

Government & Politics

In a ceremony held at the Airport Police Division (APD) on 21 December 2018, Ms Kanya was commended for her public-spiritedness in assisting the Police to solve a series of theft cases on board an aircraft.

Investigations revealed that on 13 June 2018, Ms Kanya was on board a flight from Singapore to Jakarta, Indonesia when she observed two men behaving suspiciously prior to the plane taking off. After the plane departed Singapore, Ms Kanya saw one of the two men taking down four bags from the overhead luggage compartments and rummaging through them, and the other man passing him some cash. Ms Kanya immediately alerted the cabin crew and the stolen cash, which amounted to SGD$437, was recovered. Subsequently, both men were sent back to Singapore. They were each charged with five counts of theft with common intention, read with Tokyo Convention Act, and were sentenced on 11 October 2018 to 19 months’ imprisonment.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) of Police Goh Wee Khern, Deputy Commander of Airport Police Division said, Ms Kanya’s vigilance, which led to the arrest of the suspects, is commendable. The Police thank Ms Kanya for her display of public-spiritedness. Such an act goes a long way to help deter crime on board aircrafts.

Members of the public who are travelling overseas are advised to remain vigilant against crime when they are on board aircrafts, and adopt the following crime prevention measures:

a) Secure your cash and valuables by locking your hand-carry baggage;

b) Keep your cash and valuables with you at all times if your hand-carry baggage cannot be locked;

c) Be mindful of your surroundings and the people around you and

d) Alert the airline staff immediately if you notice anyone behaving suspiciously.

Source: Singapore Police Force