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Kremlin orders Washington to slash embassy staff in Russia

MOSCOW – Kremlin orders United States to cut about 60 percent of its diplomatic staff in Russia but many of those let go will be Russian citizens, softening impact of measure adopted in retaliation for new U.S. sanctions. (USA-TRUMP/RUSSIA-RETALIATION-PUTIN (UPDATE 6, PIX, TV), moved, by Maria Tsvetkova and Jack Stubbs, 1,210 words)

Venezuela’s Maduro celebrates new assembly, mocks U.S. criticism

CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro celebrates election of new legislative superbody that is expected to give ruling Socialist Party sweeping powers and mocks U.S. criticism that vote is affront to democracy. (VENEZUELA-POLITICS/ (UPDATE 2, PIX, TV), moved, by Brian Ellsworth, 661 words)

Venezuela opposition blasts vote ‘fraud,’ dark chapter seen ahead

CARACAS – Venezuelans are stunned when country’s electoral council announces some 8.1 million people voted in controversial election for new legislative superbody – roughly same number that supported popular late leader Hugo Chavez five years ago.(VENEZUELA-POLITICS/TURNOUT (PIX, TV), moving shortly, by Alexandra Ulmer, 600 words)

Stranded Yemenis, thousands of others stand to lose ‘golden ticket’ to United States

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON – Yemen is urging U.S. government to take in dozens of Yemenis who travel to Malaysia expecting to immigrate to United States, only to find themselves stranded by President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban. (USA-IMMIGRATION/DIVERSITY (PIX), moved, by Riham Alkousaa and Yeganeh Torbati, 1,169 words)

China hits back at Trump criticism over North Korea

BEIJING – China hits back after U.S. President Donald Trump tweets he is “very disappointed” in China after Pyongyang’s latest missile test, saying problem does not arise in China and that all sides need to work for solution. (NORTHKOREA-MISSILES/ (UPDATE 6, PIX, TV, GRAPHIC), expect by 2200 GMT/6 PM ET, by Ben Blanchard and Elias Glenn, 800 words)


How China’s biggest bank became ensnared in a sprawling money laundering probe

MADRID – When Chinese residents of Spain needed to get piles of illicit cash back home, police allege, they found accomplice in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Confidential court filings, including wiretap transcripts, detail how bank allegedly helped launder hundreds of millions of euros. (ICBC-SPAIN/ (SPECIAL REPORT, PIX, GRAPHIC), moved, by Angus Berwick and David Lague, 3,888 words)


After rocky week, Trump seeks discipline with new chief of staff

WASHINGTON – After one of the rockier weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump swears in new chief of staff and says buoyant U.S. stock market and low unemployment rate is evidence that his White House is firing on all cylinders. (USA-TRUMP/ (UPDATE 3, PIX, TV), expect by 2030 GMT/4.30 PM ET, by Roberta Rampton and Ayesha Rascoe, 700 words)

Trump aims at insurers in battle over healthcare subsidies

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK – U.S. President Donald Trump takes aim at nation’s health insurers in escalating threat to cut healthcare subsidy payments that make Obamacare plans affordable, one day after urging Republican senators to continue working to undo his Democratic predecessor’s healthcare law. (USA-HEALTHCARE/ (UPDATE 2, PIX), expect by 2100 GMT/5 PM ET, by Susan Heavey and Caroline Humer, 400 words)


Amid Brexit squabbling, PM May’s spokesman says EU free movement to end in 2019

LONDON – Automatic right of European Union citizens to live and work in Britain will end in March 2019 with Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman says, after her ministers publicly differ over shape of divorce with EU. (BRITAIN-EU/MAY (UPDATE 2, PIX), moved, by Kylie MacLellan, 786 words)

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Qatar launches wide-ranging WTO complaint against trade boycott

GENEVA – Qatar files wide-ranging legal complaint at World Trade Organization to challenge trade boycott by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates, Qatar’s WTO representative Ali Alwaleed al-Thani tells Reuters. (GULF-QATAR/WTO (UPDATE 1, EXCLUSIVE, PIX), moved, by Tom Miles, 500 words)

Iraqi general sees easy victory over exhausted IS fighters in Tal Afar

MOSUL, Iraq – Senior Iraqi general predicts relatively easy victory for his forces in upcoming battle for Islamic State haven of Tal Afar as up 2,000 fighters and their families there are “worn out and demoralized”. (MIDEAST-CRISIS/IRAQ-TALAFAR (INTERVIEW, PIX, TV), moved, by Isabel Coles, 755 words)


Kenya election official tortured, murdered before vote, officials say

NAIROBI – Senior Kenyan election official is found murdered, three days after he goes missing, poll officials say, as opposition leaders warn killing could plunge next week’s national vote into turmoil. (KENYA-ELECTION/DEATH (UPDATE 3, TV, PIX), moved, by Katharine Houreld, 427 words)


Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Iraqi embassy in Kabul

KABUL – Militant group Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Iraqi embassy that begins with suicide bomber blowing himself up at main gate, allowing gunmen to enter building and battle security forces. (AFGHANISTAN-BLAST/ (UPDATE 4, PIX, TV), moved, by Mirwais Harooni, 528 words)

WhatsApp enforcer: Brother of ousted Pakistani PM to bring new style

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE, Pakistan – Politics is family business in Pakistan and ousted leader Nawaz Sharif looks no further than his brother Shahbaz for successor, but prime minister-in-waiting is no carbon copy and is likely to usher in new style at top of government. (PAKISTAN-POLITICS/SHAHBAZ (PIX), moved, by Drazen Jorgic and Mubasher Bukhari, 992 words)


Los Angeles to host 2028 Summer Olympics -L.A. Times

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles will host 2028 Summer Olympics after reaching deal with Olympic organizers, Los Angeles Times reports, citing unidentified source close to negotiation. (OLYMPICS-LOS ANGELES/ (UPDATE 2, PIX), moving shortly, by Rory Carroll, 230 words)

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