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by August 24, 2017 General

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Trump blames fellow Republican leaders for debt ceiling ‘mess’

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump picks new fight with his fellow Republicans, saying congressional leaders could have avoided “mess” over raising U.S. debt ceiling if they had taken his advice. (USA-TRUMP/BUDGET (UPDATE 5, TV, PIX), moved, by David Alexander and Makini Brice, 906 words)

Fuel prices rise, refiners shut as U.S. braces for major hurricane

SAN ANTONIO – Slow-moving Gulf of Mexico storm intensifies quickly and is poised to become biggest hurricane to hit United States in 12 years. Potential for up to 7-foot storm surges and 30 inches of rain triggers evacuations and cancellation of first day of school along south Texas coast. (STORM-HARVEY/ (UPDATE 6, PIX, TV, GRAPHIC), expect by 2300 GMT/7 PM ET, by Jim Forsyth, 700 words)

U.S. holds powerful but risky tool to halt North Korea’s nuclear progress

WASHINGTON – U.S. government is turning screws on companies that do business with North Korea in violation of U.N. sanctions but stops short of taking more aggressive, and riskier, move of targeting Chinese banks that facilitate Pyongyang’s trade in arms and other banned goods. (NORTHKOREA-MISSILES/USA-SANCTIONS (TV), moved, by Yeganeh Torbati and David Brunnstrom, 999 words)

Kushner stresses Trump’s Mideast peace optimism but details scant

JERUSALEM – U.S. President Donald Trump remains committed and optimistic about achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace, his son-in-law and senior adviser tells sides during his first visit to region since last month’s surge of violence. (ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS/ (UPDATE 2, TV), moved, by Jeffrey Heller, 563 words)

U.S. Navy suspends sea search efforts for missing USS McCain sailors

SINGAPORE – U.S. Navy suspends wider search and rescue operations for sailors missing after warship USS John S. McCain collided with merchant vessel in waters near Singapore and Malaysia earlier this week. (USA-NAVY/CRASH (UPDATE 2, PIX, TV, GRAPHIC), moved, by Aradhana Aravindan, 411 words)


How Taser inserts itself into investigations involving its weapons

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Taser International defends safety of its stun guns by spending millions on studies and forging close ties with police, medical examiners and consultants. When someone dies after altercation involving Taser, manufacturer is quick to offer guidance to investigators, Reuters finds. (USA-TASER/EXPERTS (SPECIAL REPORT, PIX, TV), moved, by Jason Szep, Tim Reid and Peter Eisler, 3,888 words)

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Massachusetts woman named as $759 million Powerball winner

BOSTON – Massachusetts lottery officials identify 53-year-old health care worker who lives in Chicopee as winner of more than $750 million in Powerball drawing, largest prize for single ticket-holder in contest’s history. (USA-POWERBALL/ (UPDATE 5, PIX, TV), moved, 399 words)

D.C. judge approves government warrant for data from anti-Trump website

WASHINGTON – District of Columbia Superior Court judge approves government warrant seeking data from anti-Trump website related to Inauguration Day protests, but he adds protections to safeguard “innocent users.” (USA-COURT/DREAMHOST (UPDATE 2), moved, by Robert Iafolla, 401 words)


Seoul court to rule on Samsung scion Lee in bribery trial

SEOUL – South Korean court will rule Friday on corruption charges against Jay Y. Lee, billionaire head of Samsung Group, after six-month trial in nationwide bribery scandal that triggered dismissal from office of country’s president. (SAMSUNG-LEE/ (PIX, TV), moved, by Joyce Lee and Soyoung Kim, 668 words)


Has ‘ambitious’ British PM aimed too high with EU demands?

LONDON – Prime Minister Theresa May always said she would be “ambitious” in negotiating Britain’s exit from European Union, and government documents show scale of that ambition — wanting closest of ties without costs. (BRITAIN-EU/ (PIX), moved, by Elizabeth Piper, 825 words)

Belgium gave tip to Catalan police about imam before attack -source

MADRID – Belgian policeman told Catalan colleague in 2016 that imam thought to have instigated last week’s Barcelona attack was suspicious person, but no information was found then to tie him to Islamist militancy, Catalan government source says. (SPAIN-SECURITY/BELGIUM (UPDATE 2, TV, PIX), moved, by Julien Toyer, 965 words)


Angola’s ruling MPLA takes commanding lead in provisional vote count

LUANDA – Angola’s ruling MPLA party holds commanding lead in provisional general election results, with 64.57 percent of votes tallied compared with opposition UNITA party’s 24.4 percent, electoral commission says. (ANGOLA-ELECTION/ (UPDATE 2, PIX), moved, by Stephen Eisenhammer, 652 words)

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