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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Written question – Criteria for selecting the GIs to be protected in trade negotiations – E-002929/2016

by April 25, 2016 General

One of the EU’s key objectives in trade negotiations is to ensure greater protection for geographical indications (GIs), which identify the place of origin and quality of agricultural produce and foodstuffs from the EU.

For example, Spain recognises GIs for more than 10 different agricultural products and foodstuffs in the Autonomous Community of Valencia alone(1).

From this broad range of GIs, the Commission is selecting a list of the ‘most important’ ones, which must be protected in trade negotiations. The selection is being made in consultation with the Member States, on the basis of current levels of protection and the economic importance of each of the GIs protected in the EU.

Can the Commission provide a detailed list of the objective criteria and calculation methods used to select priority GIs in each set of negotiations?

Can it specify how these selection criteria have been applied to the negotiations with Canada, Singapore and Vietnam, and to ongoing negotiations, such as those underway with the United States?

Last but not least, how have these criteria been applied to deciding what priority to give to the protection of GIs in Valencia?