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Friday, February 28th, 2020

XVELA : and INTERSCHALT Achieve First Milestone toward Comprehensive Stowage Planning and Collaboration Platform

by August 25, 2016 General

Open ship file standard now shared across platform for improved safety, accuracy, and consistencyXVELA, creators of the world’s first cloud-based vessel stowage and collaboration platform for ocean carriers and terminal operators, and INTERSCHALT maritime systems GmbH, a leading provider of maritime software for cargo operations and fleet management, announced today that they have achieved the first milestone toward the creation of a comprehensive and open stowage planning and collaboration platform.Authorized XVELA users – ocean carriers and terminal operators alike – now have access to thousands of ship configuration files from INTERSCHALT’s vast library of StowMan and MACS3 compatible ship files directly within XVELA. This enables users of INTERSCHALT’s industry-leading MACS3 loading computer and StowMan software to leverage XVELA’s advanced vessel and stowage visualization tools for enhanced, actionable visibility throughout the stowage process and improved collaboration with the ship’s called terminals.“By adopting an open ship file standard across these solutions, all stakeholders in the stowage process are able to work from the same identical and validated specifications of each ship – a key step in supporting clear communication and collaboration between ocean carriers and terminal operators. This eliminates the time and cost of duplicating ship files across stowage solutions on both the carrier and terminal side and, more importantly, reduces the operational data errors caused by outdated or incorrectly configured ship files,” said Robert Inchausti, Chief Technology Officer, XVELA.Ship files are automatically updated in XVELA, ensuring that all parties are working from the most up-to-date ship files for improved safety, accuracy, and consistency.XVELA and INTERSCHALT, both part of Cargotec, have been working together toward the common goal of integrating their innovative solutions since Cargotec’s acquisition of INTERSCHALT was approved earlier this year.Rainer Hartmann, Vice President of Technology, INTERSCHALT, stated, “We are making great progress bringing together our complementary solutions, and we’re eager to deliver the resulting benefits to our shared customers. As we further integrate our technologies, customers will be able to leverage our vessel planning and monitoring solutions within the XVELA collaboration platform to gain even more options to increase ship utilization, optimize cargo load and decrease port stays.”The integration capabilities of the stowage planning and collaboration platform do not stop at XVELA and INTERSCHALT. The XVELA JSON ship file format is open and available to any provider’s ship files to encourage industry adoption of the file standard. A full set of APIs will ultimately enable interoperability with any viable terminal operating system or stowage planning software, along with in-house systems, to offer customers flexibility and the freedom to use their preferred tools.About XVELAOcean carriers and terminal operators know that efficiencies can be gained, waste eliminated and revenue increased through better collaboration on vessel stowage planning and execution. But the tools and incentives to change business processes have been lacking—until now.XVELA is a new company that utilizes the legacy of Navis PowerStow vessel stowage solution to provide a transformative, cloud-based collaboration platform and network for ocean carriers and terminal operators. XVELA enables its users to easily connect and coordinate vessel stowage planning and execution activities, resulting in reduced vessel operation and terminal costs and improved utilization of critical crane, vessel and manpower resources. For more information, visit INTERSCHALTINTERSCHALT maritime systems GmbH, a member of Cargotec since March 2016, is a leading provider of loading computers, stowage planning software and fleet management software; maintenance of navigation and bridge equipment; and voyage data recorder systems. With its approximately 250 employees at four locations in Germany and three other sites in the United States, the Netherlands and Singapore, INTERSCHALT is a company with global reach. The INTERSCHALT software division is currently being integrated into the software business of Navis. The INTERSCHALT service business area is integrating into the customer service operation of MacGregor Global Lifecycle Support.