'Yesterday Once More', a photography expo


Bengaluru, Mar 4, 2017, DHNS:

Photographs of window frames by city-based photographer Vivek Mathew will be among the many on display during the expo at Venkatappa Art Gallery.

Yeserday Once More. That is a recollection of the past through photographs of main streets and quaint alleys in Bengaluru, Melbourne, Dubai, Singapore, Penang, Mysuru and Kochi, captured by city-based photographer, Vivek Mathew.An exhibition of these unique works will unfold at the Venkatappa Art Gallery here on Saturday.

Mathew had found himself training his lens to explore stories, which seemed to call out from yesterday, behind closed windows of homes and public buildings. “Gaze at the closed windows in Vivek’s frames long enough, and your ears will perhaps begin to pick up a whisper, a scream, a melody, even a banter from a day in the distant, and not so distant past,” says an invitation to the show.

Vivek, through his trending series, as with his previous works, is, at the aesthetic level, drawn by an inherent love for architecture. Designs, shapes and patterns seem to speak to him all the time, telling him stories that haven’t been written anywhere.

With ‘Yesterday Once More, this photographer, hopes for the art lover, the connoisseur and the common person who cares to lend their ears to the closed windows that meet their eyes in the series to seamlessly drift into a world that will perhaps, never be visible to the eye.


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