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YOURSAY | ‘It’s a shame that foreigners are doing all the hard work.’

by December 20, 2016 General

Another ex-BSI banker convicted over 1MDB scandal

your say1nt Just Talk: Bank officer Yvonne Seah was jailed for two weeks, while her supervisor Yaw Yee Chee was jailed for 18 weeks for abetting businessman Jho Low to launder funds, purportedly linked to 1MDB. What is two weeks or 18 weeks as compared to the few millions that they had made from the scam?

While the Singapore government has prosecuted the few private investment bankers and closed BSI Bank, nothing seems to have happened to the few, untouchable men, namely Jho Low and the prime minister’s stepson Riza Aziz, without whom this massive financial scandal could not have taken place, causing US$3.5 billion to be stolen from the Malaysian people, as alleged by US attorney-general Loretta Lynch.

MCA, Gerakan and MIC leaders see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing. They can see the splinter in DAP leaders’ eyes, but fail to see the plank in MO1′s (Malaysian Official 1) eye.

Joe Lee: Forging documents and helping alleged criminal-at-large Jho Low, and you get only two weeks’ jail? I suppose it’s better than in the land of MO1 where MO1 himself can get away with anything.

Now where art thou, Low? You and your family are way too greedy. Never mind, justice will come sooner than you think.

Clongviews: Another ex-banker jailed over the 1MDB scandal and alleged money laundering in Singapore.

In Malaysia, the police are still investigating while the attorney-general (AG) has not reopened the case. It’s a shame that foreigners are doing all the hard work, while here, we react indifferently.

Victor Johan: The Umno-led Malaysian government, the Attorney-General’s Chambers, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and BN cabinet ministers and politicians are still claiming the 1MDB operations were conducted in a squeaky-clean manner.

But there is no trials and further investigations at all in the land where these dubious and corrupt practices had originated. Amazing, eh? We are truly a country of ‘Endless Possibilities’.

Kawak: Yes, this what we called the “Bolehland”.

Jaycee: Here in Bolehland, anyone who question about the RM2.6 billion “donations” or say anything negative about 1MDB is jailed.

I’m truly ashamed that such travesty of justice is allowed to go on for so long. Even in South Korea, the president is impeached.

Shunyata: Every overseas guilty verdict makes our AG, inspector-general of police (IGP) and finance minister seem that much more compassionate and forgiving, for not wanting to make a hoo-hah over the perpetrators.

SusahKes: All these minions caught for helping with the “flow of transactions”, and there’s no mastermind behind it? The suspense is simply too nail-biting.

Leonie: With so many trails of destruction befalling all his (their) minions, the mastermind(s) remain unscathed. Unbelievable.

Mytake: Mixed reactions from readers about this latest development in the case.

Some think Singapore is not serious in taking those involved to task, while some asked why the Malaysian authorities are still sleeping.

I say don’t expect Singapore to clean the s**t for Malaysia.

WSJ: Investors selling M’sia’s stocks, bonds as US rates rise

Hardboiled: When bonds start to go, that’s a bad situation. This is usually the safe bet for an investor in any country.

As we can already see the sluggish movement of our local stock exchange, banks will implement even tighter policies, which will continue to strain the local industries.

Now that cash flow is most challenging, watching what happens to the local economy will be demoralising to say the least. A cash-strapped economy is bad news for business.

Oscar Kilo: I wonder why foreign investors are not confident about Malaysia. Hasn’t the 1MDB issue been settled already? The attorney-general said there is nothing wrong. It was all a donation.

Doc: Umno, our deputy prime minister has claimed that Allah had endorsed Najib Razak as the PM for all Malaysians.

So why is Allah the Almighty causing more and more financial and economic problems for Najib?

Tony Soprano: Even China, whom readers here seem to think is invincible, is vulnerable. China imposes strict capital controls because all the smart money in China wants out, and it’s been that way for decades.

Rich Chinese don’t buy mansions in Beverly Hills and townhouses in London and New York because they want to take over the world.

They do it because nothing and no one in China is safe from the whims of their totalitarian government.

Anonymous 759201436321741: In the stock market, by and large there are two types of market participants – investors and speculators. And that includes foreign participants too.

The real question is that, what would be the average value of the Malaysian stock market (all listed entities in Bursa Malaysia) in terms of price-to-earning ratio (PER) and the value of the ringgit when foreign investors move out and back to the US?

Even before Donald Trump has yet to assume the presidency, he is already like what sugar is to ants. The future is indeed very volatile for Malaysians.

Fair&Just: Yes, let the diarrhea continue. Teach these supremacist bigots a big lesson. Punish them for supporting the world’s no 1 kleptocrat, thief and robber.

This is the result of crime unabated and gone unpunished.

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