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Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

YOURSAY | ‘She is indeed a terrorist to the greedy, the corrupt, the immoral.’

by November 24, 2016 General

Maria’s misdeeds fit Sosma perfectly, claims Umno leader

David Dass: It all starts with recognising the right to peaceful assembly. That is a right guaranteed under the constitution.

Demonstrating for free and fair elections cannot be wrong by any definition. The use of Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) to detain Maria Chin Abdullah is wrong. Our courts should put it right.

Umno leader Mohd Puad Zakarshi should be educated on the law. We have to be careful. We are on a downward slide. We should not be where we are. We are better than that. Our people are better than that.

We cannot be a developed nation without being a civilised nation. And being civilised means a nation that respects the rule of law and governs through democratic institutions and by democratic processes. By the people and for the people.

Anonymous #44199885: Puad is right, Maria is a terrorist. She is a terrorist to the greedy, the corrupt, the immoral.

The diminutive woman has been terrorising the ruling party that has been allegedly lying to the public, been complicit in plundering the public coffers and abusing the law.

This woman has been giving our PM and his cohorts in the cabinet sleepless nights as they continue to be unable to justify the alleged theft of billions of our money and selling out our future.

Yes, for all this, Maria is a terrorist. She is a terrorist to a failing government headed by an alleged kleptomaniac.

But she has earned the adoration of thousands and thousands of Malaysians, and sparked the desire for change in Malaysia.

The foolish have in this one act committed such an injustice that the masses will not only unlikely forget but will not forgive. We are a quiet lot, but we will show who is boss at the ballot box.

Anonymous 1890491455255851: It is extremely difficult for any rational human being to accept that Maria is a terrorist is any form whatsoever. For BN and Umno, this move is alienating more people and making this government look even more tyrannical.

They should stop talking about democracy and being democratically elected when they have no idea what it means. What Bersih is saying is that we, the people, deserve to have a clean government, and these actions by the police against Bersih speak volumes.

Longviews: Generally, Malaysians feel that Maria should not be arrested under Sosma. She is no terrorist. Puad, you conveniently say section 4(3) is not applicable to suit yourselves.

She and her team should be congratulated for having organised a peaceful assembly.

Katusha: No wonder Maria has been so vilely and vengefully punished for being patriotic for it’s Umno wish for her to be so punished.

But, what about MO1′s (Malaysian Official 1) allegedly grave and gross wrongdoings and misdeeds which have been and/or are being slowly proved by investigators in countries like US, Switzerland, Singapore, etc?

Just a Malaysian: I never been so Malaysian as the day I walked with our Indian and Malay brothers and sisters in Bersih 5.

We all wanted the best for our country – all races holding hands to strengthen democracy and fight corruption that is eating into this country. Bersih is a unifying factor for our ‘tanah air’ (country). It is never a security threat.

Richard-D: The politicians can spin all they want. People understand exactly what is going on.

Mum’s no terrorist, Maria’s son says in ‘inhumane’ detention report

Negarawan: “…She was being kept in a tiny windowless cell with no bed and with two light bulbs that are kept on the entire day.”

There is clearly no legal basis for Maria’s detention in solitary confinement. This is an abomination of human rights, and the international community, especially the US and EU, must take action against those responsible for her incarceration.

A strong and unequivocal message must be sent. Maria’s detention can be seen as a personal vendetta by Mr and Mrs MO1 and their cronies.

Fair-minded Malaysians also plead with all the foreign jurisdictions investigating the 1MDB mega corruption to expedite their investigations and indict all the key Malaysian perpetrators involved.

These are the real “terrorists” who have damaged the economy and good reputation of Malaysia.

Trueglitter: The atrocious inhumanity dealt to Maria by her incarceration by the high-handedness of an utterly biased Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) which is clearly beholden to the Umno-BN government and being subjected to solitary confinement, would be deemed a cruel and heartless act deserving the people’s and the international condemnation.

The conscience of the nation has been severely pricked and has responded in unimaginable disgust and disbelief when Maria’s peaceful and ennobled role being Bersih’s chairperson, who was whole-heartedly responsible for helming the said organisational tasks which aspirations and goals were for electoral and democratic reforms.

Our nation should not be allowed to be condemned as a pariah state by the international community when the ruthless hands of PDRM are beholden to MO1 whose fears for his own incarceration for the 1MDB scandals are growing by the days at the impending defeat of Umno-led BN in the imminent GE14.

God Save Us: This should serve as a clarion wake-up call to each and every rational and responsible Malaysian citizen. The government and their appointed cronies who hold high office do not care a damn about our liberty, our rights or our lives. We are too trivial or insignificant to matter.

Lust for retention of power and greed for material wealth has obscured all semblance of accountability in an irreversibly corrupt and evil system.

What has happened to Maria and what they are doing to Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli, both beacons of hope for a better Malaysia, is stark warning of what is to come if this government is voted in again at the next elections.

Even if they back track and release Maria with apologies, there can be no forgiveness. The damage they have caused is unimaginable and inexcusable. They must be severely punished at the next elections.

Anonymous_1421806811: Please remain strong, Maria. The real terrorists are those siphoning the nation’s wealth and pretending they have nothing to hide. You are working on the path of righteousness, which is always very difficult.

Those who are bent on denying the truth will want to break your spirit but God will lead you, guide you and protect you. As for those in power that have gone astray, they will all pay for it one day.

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