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Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

YOURSAY | ‘When the country is burning, you have to take immediate steps to stop the fire first.’

by January 7, 2018 General

NGOs, concerned citizens reject ‘birds of a feather’ Najib, Dr M as PM

Abasir: If there is a paragraph from the statement (by the 17 NGOs and 107 concerned citizens) that gives the game away, it is this: “Malaysian civil society has made tremendous progress since 2008.

“In appealing to personality politics in a desperate attempt at regime change instead of building on past successes, there is a strong likelihood that the hitherto achievements may go down the drain.”

Perhaps there is someone out there who can decipher the bit about “building on past successes”.

Whatever it is, this, on the surface, is nothing more than an orchestrated call to maintain the status quo …lest the “hitherto achievements may go down the drain”.

Touche: Indeed, these NGOs missed the trees for the forest. If former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad withdraws, just gives us one name that can win GE14 against PM Najib Razak.

Come on, be rational and pragmatic.

ConstitutionIsSupreme: Can anyone from these NGOs seriously think that without bringing down Umno/BN, one can start the reform of our corrupted system?

Anonymous_1371462908: If there’s no strong candidate for Pakatan Harapan, then Najib is going to be around (for years to come).

So, at this stage, it’s better to choose the lesser of two evils until someone of calibre takes over.

Never Too Late: Can Harapan attract Malay votes to win enough seats, especially in the 52 Felda parliamentary seats without Dr M’s influence?

Yes, we agreed the need to reform but what if after GE14, Najib and Umno are still in power?

Anonymous 2475091498015598: These NGOs and individuals must first use their common sense. It is as clear as daylight that if not for Dr M, the opposition’s position is even more tenuous.

Dr M is the only person who knows the ins and outs of the Malaysian politics. All of you are apprentices in politics.

RedHero: When the country is burning, you have to take immediate steps to stop the fire first and when that is done, only then rebuilding can begin.

Harapan is doing its best to stop Najib/BN from destroying this country and there is no one better to do this than Mahathir, for now, whether you like him or not.

Jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was also part of the BN system for many years but he has since joined the opposition to help bring change and transformation to this country. Why not give Mahathir a chance to do the same?

Anonymous_1419577444: Deng Xiaoping of China was credited for saying, “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white; as long as it catches mice, it’s a good cat.”

Clever Voter: It’s easy to argue on principles. It’s disheartening to see these NGOs and individuals showing a lack of pragmatism.

We can continue to blame the past on Mahathir but he alone could not be the only one responsible. Anwar is not an angel himself, for he too could be blamed for the run on the ringgit in the 1990s.

Only Mahathir can convince rural folks that change is necessary.

Hank Marvin: Yes, this is good. Reject both Najib and Mahathir. But what about Umno?

Pink diamond suit: Sri Ram seeks the elusive Jho Low

Gerard Lourdesamy: Well said, lawyer Gopal Sri Ram. Is Jho Low’s affidavit exempted from the basic requirements of Order 41 of the Rules of Court 2012 that deal with affidavits?

It seems in Malaysia that some public personalities are above the law because of their status and power.

In GE14, the rakyat must rudely remind the politicians that they are no exalted persons but servants of the people. Nobody is above God and the law.

Anonymous 788831449650206: The independence of the judiciary is being tested.

Can Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) bribe the entire hierarchy of the Malay community to hide or submerge all these serious allegations of kleptocracy?

Goldee: If Jho Low was not involved in the 1MDB funds, why is he scared to come forward to clear his name?

The other question is why the government not bothered to pursue and charge those who have allegedly stolen the 1MDB money.

This is not a matter of a couple of million but billions siphoned off by the alleged culprit, Jho Low.

Dont Just Talk: Jho Low chose his associates well when he allegedly came up with the plan to siphon billions of ringgit from 1MDB as alleged by the former US attorney-general Loretta Lynch and now reaffirmed by the present attorney-general Jeff Session, who has applied to the court to freeze and seized the assets bought with the “stolen” money.

Our southern neighbour Singapore has charged and jailed four individuals for money laundering involving 1MDB but in Malaysia, no one has yet been brought to face justice.

Peninsular Rhino: Wearing the pink diamond makes the woman absolutely flamboyant. So, I don’t think she will return the diamond anytime soon.

A kleptomaniac must really have thick skin to be wearing jewellery allegedly bought with “stolen” money. It is doubly shameful since the money to purchase it allegedly came from the rakyat.

Maggotman: When I was just a kid I was amused whenever my mother instructed the housemaid to hide all the valuables before the visit of a particular datin.

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