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Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Zee TV takes Silly Point's 'Relationship Agreement' comedy to Singapore

by July 29, 2017 General

MUMBAI: All of us may have come across convoluted pre-nups. But, have you ever imagined a binding document that provides your better half with a set of rules to be followed during the alliance journey? Here is a contemporary story that revolves around the couple who want to avoid the usual trials and tribulations surrounding relationships, by laying out their cards from the beginning.

Zee TV has planed to bring on 8 September “The Relationship Agreement,” a Zee Theatre acquired Silly Point Productions’ romantic comedy play, to Singapore’s Shine Auditorium. The play has been performed at a number of places in India and has received a very good response from the theatre community. Its contemporary settings, witty dialogues and the cast’s perfect timing have received all-round praise.

When your life-partner furnishes a batch of likes, dislikes, things s/he approves or disapproves of, does it make your equation with the partner better? ‘The Relationship Agreement’ is a humorous take on modern-day relationships.

Basically a new age comedy about a couple attracted to social media who draws up a relationship contract to pre-empt the standard traditional trial and error arrangement.

Silly Point, one of the rare groups to have performances in three languages — English, Hindi and Parsi Gujarati, is a theatre production house based in Mumbai. Its plays have an instant connect with the youth and have been into comedy theatre.

It started with English theatre with plays such as – The Class Act, Like Dat Only, Rusty Screws and Four Square – original comedies written and directed by Meherzad Patel, followed by Black Comedy. It then moved on to Hindi theatre with its critically acclaimed performance of Kalaam – an abstract thriller penned and staged by Meherzad and Danesh.

Silly Point also conducts theatre workshops – with acting and drama based techniques being taught every year at NCPA’s Summer Fiesta and at yearly activity at various schools in Mumbai and across India.

The Relationship Agreement — an English comedy reflects a slice of life from the digital age. Relationship has been the inspiration behind several satirical and comedy performances across media. The Relationship Agreement however gives a new spin to this all-time favourite subject. The life partners in the play sign a self-drafted binding document and eventually find out the hard way that it is not easy to contravene. Their pact includes a list of 25 conditions — from prosaic things such as ‘no PDA’ to preposterous things like ‘no snoring while sleeping’.

Director Meherzad Patel uses creativity to amuse all, mixing contemporary references, politics, pop culture and the nation’s current happenings in his dialogues. Sumona Chakravarti, the stage wife of Kapil Sharma in Comedy Nights, plays the doting lover Danesh Irani’s defiant girlfriend and their chemistry creates comedy.