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U.S. President Extends New Year Wishes to Cambodian People

H.E. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, U.S. President, has sent his best wishes to the Cambodian people on the occasion of the Khmer Traditional New Year to fall from April. 13-16.

‘To all those gathering around the world in celebration of Vaisakhi, Navratri, Songkran, and the incoming New Year this week, Jill and I wish you warmth, community, and joy,’ he wrote on his social media network on April. 13.

‘Happy Bengali, Khmer, Lao, Myanmarese, Nepali, Sinhalese, Tamil, Thai, and Vishu New Year!’, he added.

Khmer New Year is a festival of great significance in cultivating the spirit of national unity and preservation, protection and love for traditions and customs, and in promoting the Khmer civilisation.

Khmer New Year is celebrated in April every year since ancient times because it is the time when Cambodians end their harvest season and gather with their family members and friends to welcome the new year as well as to play Khmer folk games, which is a beautiful culture left by Khmer ancestors.

Source: Agence
Kampuchea Presse

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