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1Serve through knowledge, creativity and innovation — Lee Yew Meng

by August 18, 2016 General

AUGUST 18 — There is no doubt the prime minister is a staunch advocate in the application of knowledge, creativity and innovation in the service delivery of his government, no least the counter service delivery.

His “almost” secret weapon, the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS), had its international conference in Putrajaya over the last four days.

The first conference held last year was the national NBOS Day.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak had almost immediately embarked on the NBOS, parked under the Public Services Department (PSD), journey when he became the nation’s CEO in 2009.

On Tuesday, the report card read that NBOS initiatives accumulated a savings of RM3.5 billion while delivering improved services.

As I perused the very informative 1Serve, (implementation title for the public sector) booklet, I was silently beaming with pride with the absolute high degree of Design Thinking (DT) evident in all their strategies.

The human-centric approach through empathy was “splashed” in the 84-page publication.

There was sheer honesty in their seeking to know where the failings were (defining), and utilising human capital, infrastructure and technology resources to overcome them in a sustainable manner (ideate, prototype and testing).

The Singapore government’s PS21 (Public Service for the 21st century) is the change movement for their public service. The PS21 has a Human Experience Laboratory called The Lab, which brings citizen’s perspectives into the design of public policies and services.

The Lab uses DT to catalyse innovative approaches to the public service delivery.

It starts with feeling the “customer journey” or empathy.

Singapore’s Employment Pass Service (EPS) and Instant Feedback Service (IFS) employed in Changi Airport are heralded worldwide.

And their “no wrong door” policy practised in the civil service must share credit for PAP’s 69.9 per cent popularity vote in the 2015 election.

PSD director-general Tan Sri Mohd Zabidi promises that 1Serve transforms counter services from one counter one service to one counter multiple services.

The NBOS unit head Azlina Azman told me that the Urban Transformation Centre or UTC offers up to 20 services in a single transaction. I felt good listening.

So ours will be the “multiple door” policy?

My only criticism — NBOS and 1Serve deserve a much higher profile.

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