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Saturday, November 25th, 2017
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Daily Archives: November 4, 2017

Aviation stakeholders back establishment of national carrier

Experts in aviation are of the opinion that if the government floats a national carrier, most of the problems in the industry, such as infrastructure deficit, will be addressed, MAUREEN IHUA-MADUENYI writes

Despite the mixed reactions that trailed the hint …

South-east Asia fights against the schism

NOVEMBER 5 — For as low as RM3,777 per head, you can book a twin room on the Malaysia-based Islamic Cruise which promises a “spiritual voyage” where one can learn “how to navigate towards paradise and be among the successful …

Singapore: Passion made possible?

NOVEMBER 5 — The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) released their new tagline and marketing campaign a few weeks ago.

“Passion Made Possible” is now our nation’s battle cry in the endless war to woo as many dollars (and yuan) as …

Investing in society

Investing in society

Christine Ip says anyone with the right capabilities can succeed in banking. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY

Rising through the ranks in a male-dominated profession, banker uses …

صاحب السمو يكسر الحصار بجولات مكوكية

عززت الجولات المكوكية التي قام بها حضرة صاحب السمو الشيخ تميم بن حمد آل ثاني أمير البلاد المفدى، مكانة قطر الإقليمية والدولية، ونسفت هذه الجولات مخطط دول الحصار لفرض العزلة على دولة قطر سواء بإغلاقها للحدود أو بترويجها الكاذب لمزاعم

Yoma Strategic : Proposed Placement Pursuant to General Mandate


This announcement is for information only and is not an offer for sale of the securities in the United States or any other jurisdiction. Neither this announcement nor any copy hereof

أتلانتك كونسل : جولة أمير قطر بدول «آسيان» أفشلت رواية السعودية عن الحصار

الأحد، 05 نوفمبر 2017 01:11 ص


أتلانتك كونسل : جولة أمير  قطر  بدول «آسيان» أفشلت رواية السعودية عن الحصار

أتلانتك كونسل : جولة أمير قطر بدول «آسيان» أفشلت رواية السعودية عن الحصار

قال المحلل السياسي الأميركي جورجيو كافيرو إن حرص دول جنوب شرق آسيا -وخاصة أكبر ثلاث دول فيه …

Wedding bells set to ring in fresh gold demand in India

Demand for physical was lacklustre in top consumers and this week, while the lure of the metal remained stable in Singapore, but India’s peak wedding season is expected to usher in renewed interest for bullion in coming …