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Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Because on Christmas, You Tell the Truth

by December 24, 2017 General


Here at Preen, we’re fully aware that adult life doesn’t always go as smoothly (and look as beautiful) as curated Instagram feeds. We all face challenges amidst all the good things. Meet Mikka Wee, a former food editor-turned-working gal in Singapore, who’s about to share all the ups and downs that come with adulting and living. Welcome to Bless This Mess! 

It’s Christmas on Monday, and on the next, it will be New Year’s. What a year it’s been, huh? For me, it went by really quick—2017 zipped right past me despite the number of humps, bumps, enlightenments, and breakdowns I’ve faced. But I’m not here to talk about how 2017 has been…yet. I’m here to talk about Christmas and because on Christmas, you tell the truth.

I miss my family, especially my pet, Rocket

It’s going to be my third Christmas away from my family. To tell you the truth, I used to not like going to these family gatherings, but seeing all my Manila friends head home for the holidays to be with their parents and siblings makes me wish I had a ticket home as well. I miss the food, but I also miss the getting together of my relatives and seeing how this one time of the year brings them together.

I’m an only child, and my cousins are the closest people I have to siblings. We used to have this Christmas tradition where we would make eggnog and bake Christmas cookies together. We’d make grocery runs and cruise through the empty roads of the south just for the fun of it. My cousins are now scattered in different parts of the world as well. One lives in Canada, another in Australia, and pretty soon, another will leave for Tokyo. My younger cousins and I would play card games and board games until we’d get tired and the grown-ups would say it’s time to head home.

The weird thing about this that I used to treat these gatherings like another reunion to go to, but now I realize how important these family reunions are. I miss my dog above everything, and knowing he’s not getting any younger pains me as well. Family matters, and they’re your people. I miss mine, and to deal with it, I’ll probably watch a bunch of rom-coms and some Home Alone and play some Jose Mari Chan tunes while sipping on some hot cocoa with marshmallows.

When I have a family of my own, I want us to have our own Christmas traditions

If you’ve seen the movie Coco (it’s beautiful!), you would’ve stuck through 20 minutes of Olaf and his mission to give the Frozen sisters a Christmas tradition. And while I laugh at the silliness of it all, I can’t help but think of a Christmas tradition that I could call my own.

When I was a child, my parents, aunts, and uncles, would take us to carnivals and amusement parks. My mum and I would hang ornaments in our Christmas tree, and I remember she’d blow this huge heart-shaped Christmas balloon. But as time passed, our traditions faded. However, they are all well preserved in my memory as one of my happiest moments with my mum. I’d like to have the same for annual traditions with my future family as well.

Christmas is a time for love, even if it’s the tough kind

I know it’s Christmas, and a lot of it is about celebrating love. But in my case, it took the form of tough love where I needed to tell a friend off for something she was doing. It pains me to see people I love make unwise decisions and hurt other relationships in the process because as much as I want to un-love them and see them spiral down on their own, it’s so different if you’re invested in a person. It hurts twice as much.

Because of this, it also affected an important role that she was about to play in my life. Despite our closeness and she being one of my most special friends, I had to tell her that I couldn’t have her play that role because of our difference in values. It was painful, all right. But that’s life. You need to be wise about the company you keep and how it affects the bigger picture.

Because it’s Christmas, love for yourself is also in order

Let me tell you about the crazy career-year I’ve had. I had quit my job in advertising, entered a social media role in a PR company that didn’t have much of a background about it (obviously that didn’t work out), took a month-long break, and finally hit my goal of finding a job in F&B.

But since then, I haven’t had the time to just sit down and take in the view and reflect. I love what I do now for a living, and it took a lot to reach this point. However, I know I haven’t been making time for my Morning Pages, yoga, and meditation. I hope this Christmas, I’ll get some downtime to reflect, clear my mind, and sharpen the saw.

At the end, it all boils down to love and gratitude

Love and gratitude come hand in hand. Despite all the hurdles this year, I can’t help but be grateful because no matter how tough a certain situation can be, always remember that it happens for a reason. Of course, this is more about situations that we cannot control, but if we know we have some sort of control on what happens, then I think we should always go for the decision that’s more for love—not only for yourself, but also for those affected by your decision.

Christmas can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but I guess, at the end of the day, it all boils down to love and being thankful for your blessings. I hope you have a good one this year! Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in her private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of, or any other entity of the Inquirer Group of Companies.


Art by Lara Intong

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