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Doklam: Read our special coverage on the standoff

by August 30, 2017 General
Doklam effect? How India plans to make going tough for Chinese firms

India is redrafting, and in some cases tightening, rules for business in sensitive sectors such as power and telecom making it difficult for Chinese firms to compete.

Doklam sends out a big message to China's small neighbours

The Doklam saga will encourage countries like Vietnam, Mongolia, Singapore and Japan that have been pushing back at China.

Quick redeployment measures in place by Army in Doklam

Rear troops will be moved out first. Due to the dangerous terrain and poor visibility in high altitude, movement of Army vehicles will happen during the day.

Doklam thaw vindicates Rajnath Singh, his assessment of early end to the standoff

Strangely, while Rajnath’s statement would have coincided with the negotiations, China responded to his statement by adopting a more aggressive stance.

There won't be a war at Doklam as India and China agree to disengage

Doklam has been at the centre of tension between the nuclear-armed nations as both the countries have been making counter claims over the area.

India is fighting the Doklam war with China on a 5-inch battleground

Most of the Indians using various Chinese smartphones are not aware how their phones have turned into a battleground for two countries.

View: China is all set to pay a heavy price for its Doklam blunder

Several political groups are becoming active in advocating a boycott of Chinese goods and this movement can get galvanised with Chinese misbehaviour with us.

A Dokalam solution will emerge from where India and China want to be

An overhang like the Dokalam dispute helps none. While China will be looking to drive the agenda on its terms, an intransigent India is the last thing it wants on its hands.

War won’t give China any clear gain, only cause casualties, assesses Modi government

India lags behind China in border infra but a war will be a lot less uneven than Chinese hawks anticipate and fighting could mean heavy toll for both armies.

Doklam standoff: China has a habit of flexing muscles

“About a month back a sizeable Chinese force had reached up to Finger Four,” said sources, adding that this could have been for “area familiarisation”.

View: Whether China steps back or ups ante, it will lose in Doklam

China has alienated all its neighbours and, with the breakdown of ties with North Korea, has no friend except Pak. That’s why Doklam assumes more significance.

View: China may be fighting the Doklam war on Pakistan front

China cannot start a war with India, even if it’s a localised conflict over a small piece of high-altitude land that remains hard to access most of the time.

Doklam: How Chinese state media spreads lies on Bhutanese position

Global Times, a Chinese state-run media outlet, has claimed that India is continuously pressuring on Bhutan to openly take India’s side.

India is winning Doklam war without firing a single bullet. A policy expert explains how

Let us be clear about one thing – far from losing control, this has, in fact, been one of the best managed crises by India’s ministry of external affairs.

View: Dokalam crisis is a reflection of China's expansionist tendencies

China obfuscates the Dokalam issue by suddenly finding great virtue in colonial era unequal treaties which it rejects as in the case of the McMahon Line.

By needling 3 great powers simultaneously, China probably just punctured its own future

India, US and Japan, either together or separately, can easily damage and thwart China’s ambitions. It can be done through trade and many others ways.

China’s insecure nationalism: The roots of Xi Jinping’s foreign policy belligerence, on Doklam and elsewhere

Chinese leadership had calculated that road project would provide them the opportunity to coerce Bhutan into opening up diplomatic relations, and pulling Thimphu out from India’s orbit.

China mulling 'small scale military operations' against India: Expert

To peacefully resolve the impasse, India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has said that both the sides should first pull back their troops and hold dialogue.

Chinese media advises investors: India is much better than you think

Global Times in an article said that the Chinese learn about India’s economic development only via media reports which offer a limited understanding of the country.

By refusing to buckle under China's threats on Doklam, India has called the bully's bluff

While existential stakes drove India to halt China’s construction of a strategic highway through Doklam, Beijing made a strategic miscalculation by intruding there.