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Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

‘Insectibles’: When humans and insects collide… at the same size (VIDEO)

by December 27, 2016 General

SINGAPORE, Dec 27 — Insectibles is an animation TV series created by One Animation that features the adventures of Zak and his grandfather, simply known as Grandpa, when the latter’s invention accidentally shrinks them both down to the size of insects.

With the aid of one bionic arm and three ‘enhanced’ insect friends — Syd, Chowser and Willow, they are the Insectibles, and find themselves facing challenges beyond their wildest dreams. They bravely trek through grass blade forests and fight the evil mecha-mosquito Adilla with her daughter, Lidia, her faithful servant Gnat and a whole platoon of bodybuilding cockroaches.

A scene showing Zak and his insect friends from the ‘Insectibles’ trailer. — Picture via YouTube/One AnimationA scene showing Zak and his insect friends from the ‘Insectibles’ trailer. — Picture via YouTube/One AnimationThe animation series was an international collaboration as the animation was done in Singapore and Indonesia by Singapore-based One Animation, the sound was done by Malaysia’s ImagineX Studios, while the talents are mostly from America, Canada and Malaysia too.

“We’ve done quite a lot of TV series before, but this series has really good script and making the sound design was really fun!” said ImagineX Studios General Manager Jazzlyn Loh.

The 3D animated adventure comedy TV series is targeted at six- to nine-year-olds.

Anime World Network wrote that the 3D comedy series has been bought by Discovery Kids Latin America, and also by Canal Plus to screen on its dedicated French kids channels, Teletoon+ and Canal+Family.