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Thursday, October 1st, 2020

Kidnapped teenager rescued, 12 nabbed

by September 20, 2017 General

IPOH, Sept 21 — A 17-year-old teenager who was abducted in Penang was rescued by police, and his kidnappers who demanded a ransom of RM3 million have been arrested.

Perak police chief Datuk Hasnan Hassan said the victim, the son of a businessman, was taken from his house in Taiping at 8pm on Sept 2.

“The next day the father, aged 43, received call from the kidnappers demanding a RM3 million ransom,” he said.

“After negotiations, the kidnappers agreed to lower the amount to RM300,000.”

After the father lodged a police report on the same day, a task force headed by state Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Gan Tian Kee started tracking down the suspects.

Hasnan said the suspects had instructed the businessman to bring the cash to a location in Johor Baru on Sept 5.

“Once they received the cash, the suspects were to release the victim in Penang,” he said.

However, the moment the father delivered the cash, police arrested eight suspects at six locations in Johor Baru.

They recovered RM175,400 from the suspects.

“At the same time, another police team found the victim in a car with two of his kidnappers in Penang at 10.30pm,” Hasnan said.

“The teenager, whose hands were tied and who was blindfolded, was not injured.”

The two suspects were also picked up.

Police arrested the last two suspects in Butterworth on Sept 6.

“Of the 12 arrested, three are women. All suspects are aged between 17 and 36,” said Hasnan, adding that one of the women works as an auxiliary policeman in Singapore.

“After questioning, five of the suspects were released on police bail,” he said.

Hasnan said it was the first kidnapping case reported in Perak this year.