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Nghe An cracks down on unlicensed fishing practices

The central province of Nghe An is taking steps to address problems in its fishing industry, aiming to have the “yellow card” warning by the European Commission lifted. As of April 30, Nghe An successfully registered 2,318 out of its 3,462 fishing vessels, achieving 90.37%. Additionally, all of them are now included in the Vnfishbase database. A total of 935 fishing vessels, representing 86.18% of those required to be certified, obtained valid food safety certificates. Notably, all active fishing vessels are now certified. The province boasts a 96.95% success rate in equipping fishing vessels with voyage monitoring systems, with 1,052 out of the 1,085 vessels now compliant. Nghe An boasts a coastline of over 82km, granting it significant potential for seafood production. Its annual seafood exploitation output nears 200,000 tonnes, with nearly 17,000 workers employed in the fishing sector during peak seasons.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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