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Plans ripening to export mangoes to Indonesia

by June 21, 2016 General

Indonesia is emerging as an extra customer for Australian mangoes this year.

The reopening of the Indonesian market was completed last year and there are now several companies making plans to export mangoes this coming season.

Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) chief executive Robert Gray said an extra market for Aussie mangoes was good news for growers.

“It’s a quite an exciting opportunity for the Australian mango industry,” he said.

“A year ago Australia was granted access to the Indonesian market through a new protocol, and we’re now starting to see commercial players get organised this year for the first commercial shipments to go into that market.”

Mr Gray said the industry would target the premium end of the Indonesian market.

He said mangoes sent to Indonesia would need to be treated for fruit fly and seed weevil prior to export, which currently could only be done via Queensland.

He said the Indonesian market had a lot of potential.

“Whilst the initial volumes will be small to moderate, we think it’s a good investment in our long-term future as an industry,” Mr Gray said.

“Developing these export markets gives us a broader spread of customers. It gives us the potential to grow our production without oversupplying our existing markets, particularly our domestic market,” he said.

“There’s no reason why over the next five or 10 years Indonesia can’t be up there with markets like New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong or Singapore, as a significant part of our trade.

“Other commodities that are grown in Australia that go into Indonesia today, it’s a valuable market, and there’s no reason it can’t do the same from a mango perspective.”

The Australian mango industry has set an ambitious goal of exporting 20 per cent of the national crop each year by 2020.