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Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Qatar’s non-oil exports hit QR8.6bn in Q1, 2017

by July 17, 2017 General

The value of Qatar’s non-oil exports in the first quarter (Q1) of 2017 reached QR8.6bn and the value in June reached QR793.3m, according to the monthly report of Qatar Chamber on the foreign trade of the private sector released yesterday.
The report, which was prepared based on certificates of origin issued by Qatar Chamber’s Research & Studies Department and Member Affairs Department last June, pointed out that Qatar Chamber issued 29,941 certificates of origin in the first quarter of 2017 for many destinations in 66 international markets.
It has shown that the non-oil exports during June witnessed a decrease compared to the previous months due to the unfair siege imposed on the country and the closure of Abu Samra border; Qatar’s only land border crossing. It noted that despite the siege, Qatar’s non-oil exports continued to reach its destinations except to the blockading countries.
In June, over 2,414 certificates of origin were issued. According to the report, Oman was Qatar’s top non-oil exports destination in June, accounting for QR297.26m, or 37.45 percent, of the total exports in the month.
It is followed by UAE with almost QR98.01m, or 12.35 percent, and Singapore with QR56.71m, or 7.15 percent. Germany comes in the fourth place with almost QR45.31m, or 5.71 percent, followed by Hong Kong with QR45.15, or 5.69 percent.
It is followed by India, Turkey, Bangladesh, US, Algeria and Morocco.
June’s statistics shows that Qatar’s exports reached to 56 destinations, including 14 Arab and GCC countries, 11 European countries including Turkey, 13 Asian countries (excluding Arab countries), 14 African countries (excluding Arab countries), three countries of North and South Americas and Australia.
It is obvious that the total value of non-oil exports increased to many countries such as Oman and Singapore which jumped to the first and third place.