Villagers in Siem Reap Hold Annual Joint Fish-Catching Ceremony

Villagers in a community in Siem Reap province organised their unique annual celebration of joint fish-catching in their conserved pond on Feb. 11, to prepare for Leung Meak, a spiritual ceremony, the next day.

Bangkong villagers in Ampil commune of Prasat Bakong district gathered early in the morning to take part in the celebration as a tradition, particularly after their rice harvest.

According to the APSARA National Authority, this joint fish catching ceremony takes place in an ancient pond where the villagers preserve the fish from overfishing, leaving it only for fishing together, and must use traditional fishing gears.

The fish caught will be cooked and served in the spiritual ceremony, while the rest can be kept by participating individuals for their households.

The people of Angkor to this day continue to preserve the cultural traditions, both tangible and intangible, left by their ancestors, said the APSARA National Authority, adding that every year, they always come together to celebrate variou
s events around Angkor, such as Leung Meak, Leung Neak Ta, Ko Chup ceremony and many other religious ceremonies, all of which are the tradition and the identity of Angkor.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse

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