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Watch NASA's booster test for their most powerful rocket ever

by June 28, 2016 General

NASA fired up a rocket booster in a desert for its most powerful rocket ever on the Space Launch System (SLS).For the test, the engines on the booster were ignited for two minutes in Promontory, Utah, sending out a plume of flames, with temperatures inside the booster reaching over 3,300 degrees Celsius.Fired up! Miss today’s booster test for @NASA_SLS, the world’s most powerful rocket? Watch it now:#JourneyToMars
— NASA (@NASA) June 28, 2016It was the last full-scale test for the booster before SLS’s first test flight with NASA’s Orion Spacecraft in 2018 – a key milestone on their Journey to Mars.For the main event, two of the boosters will be strapped onto either side of the body of the rocket during lift off, and will provide more than 75% of the thrust needed for the rocket and Orion spacecraft to escape Earth’s gravitational pull.#Boeing congratulates #NASA and @OrbitalATK on a successful firing! Big boost for the #JourneytoMars #SLSFiredUp— Boeing Defense (@BoeingDefense) June 28, 2016William Gerstenmaier from NASA said: “Seeing this test today, and experiencing the sound and feel of approximately 3.6 million pounds of thrust, helps us appreciate the progress we’re making to advance human exploration and open new frontiers for science and technology missions in deep space.”