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What to expect at the Robot Kitty exhibition in Singapore

by June 13, 2016 General

Visitors need to use a defibrillator to recharge Robot Kitty. — TODAY picVisitors need to use a defibrillator to recharge Robot Kitty. — TODAY picSINGAPORE, June 13 — Sanrio’s famous character is back on our shores — looking, a tad different from what we are used to. In the new Robot Kitty Singapore exhibition at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, the normally “kawaii” kitty dons a futuristic suit, looking like an Iron Kitty than anything else.

This interactive exhibition organised by Mighty Eight — known for bringing in past Hello Kitty events here — gives fans a chance to play at five gaming departments: Design, Component, Quality Control, Repair and Energy. Visitors assume the role of an engineer in Sanrio Robotics Institute (S.R.I) and undergo various missions to complete a final task.

Every time you accomplish your task at these departments, you will get “Koins”, which you can redeem for parts or accessories, which can then be used to “dress up” a Robot Kitty or Robot K, that you can purchase.

Here are some things you should know:

Hello friends

Not just Robo Kitty, you can expect other famous characters such as My Melody and Kuromi, Keroppi, Monkichi and Badtz-Maru to make their appearances throughout the location. This is because Robot Kitty has invited these beloved Sanrio characters to help the “engineers” out in their games.

Make the design department top on your list

This department is a load of fun and a test on your sense of balance. The game requires you to align accessories to a Robot K with a controller. What makes it all the more challenging is that you have to be precise and accurate while aiming it. A plus point? The controller is ribbon-shaped so it’s uber cute. For those who are planning to purchase a Robot K, you would love the Energy department as you’d be able to get way more “Koins” here — which also means more accessories and headgear for you to redeem.

Tons of photo ops

Several life-sized statues of Hello Kitty (in various forms, not just in Robot) are scattered around the location, so you can be snap happy throughout your entire visit. Other photo opportunities include getting to pose with Sanrio characters (mentioned above) and a spot where you can pretend to get “caught” by a ribbon UFO catcher.

Give these a miss (if you can bear to)

The Quality Control department requires you to wave your hands vigorously at a screen to summon the appearance of a “fake” Robot K. However, you’d have to move pretty close to the screen and on more than one occasions, I often found my hands hitting the screen. There were times when the sensor failed to detect the motion (so you end up looking pretty silly). Over at the Repair gaming department, a defibrillator is needed to recharge a Robot Kitty, which is lying on its back. You have to shake the defibrillator to charge it up — a tough feat considering how heavy they are.

Held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 403, from 10am to 8pm, Robot Kitty Singapore will run until June 21. For more information, visit — TODAY