Day: January 1, 2023

New York OKs Human Composting Law; 6th State in US to Do So

  Howard Fischer, a 63-year-old investor living north of New York City, has a wish for when he dies. He wants his remains to be placed in a vessel, broken down by tiny microbes and composted into rich, fertile soil. Maybe his composted remains could be planted outside the family home in Vermont, or maybe they could be returned to the earth elsewhere. “Whatever my family chooses to do with the compost after it’s done is up to them,” Fischer said. “I am committed to having my body composted and my family knows that,” he added. “But I would love

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An Annual Battle: Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is around the corner. And many use this time to make New Year’s resolutions. Why do people do that, you might ask? “It’s a new calendar year,” said Mandy Doria, a certified counselor at the University of Colorado, speaking with The Associated Press. ‘We have a chance to leave behind all of the old stuff, good and bad, from the previous year and move forward and start to make new plans, new goals, and we may feel excited and recharged by that.” That feeling of hope can dissipate amid day-to-day stressors but there are ways to set

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